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How the Toronto Raptors can improve during the offseason


Teams around the NBA are spending the offseason thinking about ways to improve their chances of making a run for the NBA championship in 2023. The Toronto Raptors had a disappointing showing in the playoffs, losing to the Philadelphia 76ers in the first round of the playoffs 4-2. Although the team bowed out earlier than they’d hoped in the playoffs, they’re optimistic that the franchise is headed in the right direction. However, the head office will have to make some strategic moves during the offseason to make the Raptors championship contenders in the upcoming year and beyond. In this article, we look at ways the Raptors can improve during the offseason.

Trade for Rudy Gobert

Utah Jazz defensive anchor Rudy Gobert is a name that gets tossed around a lot during discussions of how the Raptors could improve their roster during the offseason. Gobert would be a costly addition to the Raptors lineup, but he’d give the team a big man to protect the rim, something they’re lacking now. Betting is one of the most popular ways for NBA fans to participate in the sport. If the Raptors hope to move up in the NBA odds, an acquisition like Gobert during this year’s offseason will help them do it. The Raptors could use their draft picks to try and create an attractive trade package to get Gobert in a Raptors uniform. If they pull it off, Gobert would instantly improve the team’s defense and give them a better chance of going further in the playoffs during the upcoming season.

Add shooters

While players around the league will be shoring up endorsement deals and working on partnerships to increase their profile, head offices around the league will be looking at how to bring in pieces to enhance their teams’ competitiveness. One of the Raptors’ main weaknesses over the past few seasons has been a lack of shooters. Toronto has drafted several players over the past several years, but instead of emphasizing shooters, they’ve emphasized adding big men to the lineup. While several of these players have developed their shots, including OG Anunoby, who shoots 37.2% from beyond the arc, it’s not enough to carry the team on a consistent basis.

The Raptors have emphasized defensive players to the detriment of offensive talent, which has paid off to a certain extent. However, the Raptors have the fourth-worst half-court offense in the league, something that isn’t going to win them any championships. The bright side is that with this woeful stat, they still finished #5 in the Eastern Conference primarily due to their defense. If they can add some elite shooters to the roster during the offseason, the team could become a force to be reckoned with, allowing them to reclaim their spot as one of the best teams in the league.

Add cheap free agents

While it would be nice if the Raptors could add a big-name player to their roster and solve all their problems, the reality is that’s probably not going to happen during this year’s offseason. Instead, they’ll have to work with the little room they have without going over the league’s salary cap. Technically the Raptors are already over the salary cap, but there are a few workarounds that may give them enough of a push to take them to the next level during the upcoming season.

There are several free agents that the Raptors may be able to sign that would help them shore up some weaknesses and improve their shooting. Trade exceptions would allow them to acquire these players cheaply, helping them add some much-needed offense to their game. A few names that have been mentioned as possible future Raptors are T.J. Warren, Victor Oladipo, Jusuf Nurkic, and Gary Harris.

The good thing about the Raptors is they don’t need to rebuild from scratch; they just need to add players who could get some rebounds, set up half-court sets, and sink shots from beyond the three-point line. So, while you’re out enjoying events around town, you can rest assured the Raptors front office is doing its best to bring you a memorable 2022-2023 season.

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