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How to Get Your New Pup Settled at Night


Dogs are very active creatures. Being sensitive to every detail or happenings around them can sometimes make them extra jumpy and difficult to rest. If you have more than one of them at home, things can get a little uncomfortable if you can’t get your dogs to settle at night. Not only will that be a bother for you since you also want to rest, but it’s also not great for your dog. If you are thinking about getting your new pup settled at night, you have come to the right place. This article contains the result of a study conducted by Betway. You’ll understand how to manage your dog better based on other dogs’ reactions to five TV shows after watching for one hour.

How to get your puppy to settle down at night


According to the study, Bridgerton is the best TV show for getting our dogs to sit still. It might also be your pick if you want your dog to rest well. The study revealed a fair anxiety level at 89/134, a sleep quality at 90%, and the highest rest time of 37 minutes within the 1-hour TV. Perhaps historical dramas have a calming effect on dogs.

Pup Academy.

With a FitBark attached to the collars of each dog used in the study, Betway gathered data, which showed that Pup Academy might not be the best option for your pup, despite being a movie with real dogs as some of the stars of the show. Within the one hour we watched, 34 minutes of rest was recorded with 84% of sleep quality but increased anxiety with a recorded figure of 149 out of 314.

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Stranger things.

A study like this is expected to consider different categories of TV shows, so our next stop is a Netflix series with a super dose of nightmare content: “Stranger Things.” This TV show may be cool for those that love sci-fi and superhuman abilities, but it may not be great for your dog as the study recorded only 28 minutes worth of sleep during the 1-hour TV time, with a sleep of quality of 77% and an anxiety level of 91 out 134. Not so great for dogs’ rest, right? Yeah, Stranger things had us all gripping the edge of our seats.

The Witcher.

Also packed with its doses of nightmare contents, dogs that watched The Witcher for one hour have only 75% worth of quality sleep, 27 min rest time out of 1 hour, and an anxiety level of 99 out of 134. As it is, it appears that dogs struggle to get rest after watching movies that contain nightmare content.

Rick & Morty.

Maybe it has something to do with being an animated TV show, as an hour’s dose of Ricky & Morty kept dogs’ anxiety levels at the lowest: 75/134. Also, with a rest time of 34 minutes and a sleep quality of 85%, this series may not be a bad recommendation if you want to keep your pup’s anxiety down, considering they are usually curious and always all over the place.

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