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The plain t-shirt: the essential that everyone should have in their wardrobe


A plain cotton tee is an essential piece of clothing for your dressing room because it is a timeless classic that offers versatility and style. A plain T-shirt highlights your shape and offers you comfort and simplicity. Moreover, you can easily combine it with many clothing styles, such as jackets, trousers, jeans, skirts, and shorts. If you want to put together an outfit quickly, opt for this timeless basic of fashion.

Comfort without sacrificing style

Plain t-shirts are classic for a reason -they are superbly comfortable to wear for both sexes- they are the original unisex garment. A basic t-shirt is designed to skim the body without tight waistbands or closefitting necklines. The classic t-shirt neckline is round, but there are many other styles, such as V-necked and racer-back. You could choose a slim-fitting style or a looser look; the choice is yours! And t-shirts are the perfect item of clothing for layering. Wear under a cardigan in the spring and summer, while during the harsh winter months, protect yourself from the cold by wearing one next to the skin for additional insulation.

How to wear a plain t-shirt

If you want a relaxed look, choose a plain t-shirt because it gives a sexy and casual look to an outfit – not figure-hugging but not too baggy – although you could wear an oversized t-shirt.

You can wear a plain t-shirt in several ways:

• With trousers or chinos – tucked in with a belt or loose;

• With a high-waisted skirt or shorts;

• Tied at the sides or in the middle with a skirt for a casual summery style;

• With jeans, for a laid-back look;

In addition, you can team a plain t-shirt with: a blazer, a trench coat, jewellery, and any colour. However, a good quality 100% cotton fabric is essential for that preppy look. The cotton t-shirt is one of the most accessible garments because it has a totally acceptable aesthetic appearance as well as being a natural and breathable material. Furthermore, as cotton is hydrophilic, it easily absorbs moisture. On the other hand, synthetic fabrics tend to have a “shiny” finish and don’t “breathe” as their fiber does not contain any physical properties. Because of this, it makes you sweat a lot, especially when wearing a sweater.

How to choose a plain t-shirt

Before buying a t-shirt, it is essential that you choose a durable piece, as it will undoubtedly be washed frequently. So, pay a little attention to its material, its finish, the shape of its collar and the depth of its hue. Indeed, a poor-quality t-shirt can be easily damaged. But, on the other hand, an expensive and high-quality t-shirt will not necessarily be the most durable. It all depends on how it is maintained and used – and always wash according to the instructions on the label.

How much does a plain t-shirt cost?

A plain unbranded cotton t-shirt costs from as little as $10 to $50 plus from most retailers. The cheapest way to buy a t-shirt is direct from a wholesaler, such as Wordans. A textile wholesaler market leader, it’s the best place to look for good quality textile products at the best price.

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