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Mint Storage Review: A Helpful Guide


Mint Storage is one of the  largest self storage companies in Canada which is locally owned and run. This company doesn’t  charge extra for administration, cleaning deposits, other fees, or to change the size of your unit and that is what makes them so exciting. 

You can hire a storage unit online, call or stop by during their working hours. They use boxes, tape, and other items that they order online and deliver to you as per your needs.They also prohibit storing combustible materials, living or dead animals, and anything that is against the law.

Mint Storage is excellent for keeping business records, excess product inventories, equipment, automobiles, and other items. Additionally, they make relocation simple by providing a free moving truck and also to have self storage units in Winnipeg. One month is the bare minimum; there is no upper limit for storing your goods here. You can purchase self-storage insurance for further peace of mind as well.

About The Company 

With free trucks available, Mint Storage is one of the best self storage companies which make moving simple. They are a locally owned and operated business. Additionally, they provide drive-up and climate-controlled storage facilities. 

Mint Storage never misses a delivery since they email you to let you know when they receive the delivery. For files, boxes, artwork, and clothing, Mint self storage in Canada offers air conditioning and humidity control. 

Not only that they also have heated storage for expensive electronics and furniture. They do not charge more for administrative services, cleaning deposits, other costs, or changing the size of your unit. The cost of self storage varies based on the size and type of storage unit you rent; always keep an eye out for their special units that provide you exceptional discounts.

Security Policy

The security system at Mint Storage is even more superior to those that are used for protecting homes and companies. They completely safeguard your possessions for any type of burglary or other problems. Each storage space not only has its own alarm but also a CCTV surveillance system as well.

Now if you are worried about the lock safety then for your information each individual pass code of the locks is private, and they have skilled staff members who perform daily lock integrity checks. 

Specially designed bezel-style locks are used here to add that additional safety to your valuables. No one else except those who have been specifically permitted on the lease can access the storage unit.

Privacy Policy   

It is incredibly easy. Your security and privacy are important to Mint Self Storage. Any information you send them is strictly confidential, and they won’t sell it or give it to a third party. 

All the storage units in this company were specifically created for the purpose of storage with specialised bezel locks. These locks are free when you book for a unit online. Also you can use your own additional lock as well.

Delivery Policy

Delivering here is extremely easy and even with a very low cost. There is no pick-up, administration, or drop-off fees at this company, nor do they charge extra to hire vehicles to move goods into storage facilities. 

You can get insurance with $20 which would only be payable in the event of an accident. Not only that they have an extremely friendly team and offer their customers a highly secure and clean delivery service.

Special Things About Mint storage

They reach out to homeless people and animals in Winnipeg and even support the local veterinarians who are trying to help such animals. They assist Manitoba in receiving dogs and cats from all over that have been abandoned, mistreated, or turned in by providing storage space.

In addition to storing their dragon boat equipment and providing assistance to Winnipeg families’ children at their schools, Mint Self Storage honours these courageous Winnipeg women who have all overcome breast cancer.


Mint Storage is one of the top self storage companies and along with that they also help those in need as well. This company is extremely friendly to their customers and provides the top facilities to their customers. 

The advice would be if you are looking for a self storage company Mint Storage will be an excellent option. In case you still have doubts about the company feel free to check their website. Not only that as they are extremely customer friendly you can also contact them directly to clear more of your doubts.

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