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Mississauga is cracking down on noisy motor vehicles and motorcycles


“Noisemakers” Not Welcome in Mississauga Under Amended Noise Control By-Law

MISSISSAUGA, ON., August 5, 2020 — The City of Mississauga is taking strong action to address vehicle noise after Council approved a proposed amendment to the Noise Control By-law.

The amended by-law will prohibit anyone from making unnecessary noise in both stationary and moving motor vehicles. This includes unreasonable noise caused by sounding a horn, playing loud music from their vehicle, revving an engine or squealing tires. It also prohibits drivers from creating unreasonable noise from mufflers, exhaust or emission control systems.

This prohibition applies to all motor vehicles, including motorcycles.


“Mississauga is urbanizing and we recognize that as our city gets busier, noise levels inevitably increase. That being said, we need to do whatever we can to discourage unnecessary noise, especially from vehicles,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. Excessive vehicle noise disrupts our resident’s quality of life, whether they are being awakened in the middle of the night or startled while driving on our streets. As we continue to modernize our approach to noise control, we‘re taking action to ensure that anyone who modifies or “soups” up their vehicles to disrupt our streets and neighbourhoods will face fines. Let’s continue to work together to ensure our city remains enjoyable for all.”

Under the amended by-law, the City will request the Ministry of the Attorney General to approve a higher set fine from the current rate of $110 to $500. Both the City and Peel Regional Police will have the authority to charge violators under the amended by-law.

On July 8, City staff presented Council with a proposed updated Noise Control By-law. Council identified vehicle noise as a priority and directed staff to come back with amendments to the Noise Control By-law for immediate action.

“Vehicle noise is one of the top noise concerns for residents,” said Sam Rogers, Director, Enforcement. “We know that Peel Regional Police has seen a lot of success with their Project Noisemaker program with a total of 339 charges. As of July 31, approximately 170 charges have been laid in Mississauga alone for vehicle noise offences. Approval of the amended by-law and a proposed increased set fine amount means that the City and Peel Regional Police will be able to issue higher fines to violators. We are taking action to protect the quality of life for Mississauga residents.”

The amended Noise Control By-law will come into effect on August 6, 2020.

In addition to the amended by-law, Ward 2 Councillor Karen Ras put forward a motion today at Council which passed unanimously. The motion calls on the Province to request that the portion of the Highway Traffic Act dealing with tampering of emission control systems on motor vehicles, be put in force immediately.

Does Toronto have a noise bylaw in place for motorized vehicles?

Meanwhile in Toronto last October, the noise bylaw was amended and it includes noise made motor vehicles and motorcycles during certain times of the day. Loud noise from vehicles is not permitted from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. On Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays, it is not permitted until 9 a.m. For loud motorcycles a complaint can be filed and the noise will be measured by bylaw enforcement officers using sound meters. The noise is not permitted to exceed approved standards.

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