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Mont Saint-Sauveur becomes Les Sommets


Bolstered by its international notoriety and the ensemble of its activities available all year long, MSSI has decided to reposition its brand with the help and support of Cossette, a leading communications agency, and Sigmund, a modern digital agency.  A new identity is born.

From the first ski lifts in North America to the development of one of North America’s biggest ski resorts, the story of Mont Saint-Sauveur is one about family, ambition, innovation and passion. From its very first steps as Mont Saint-Sauveur in the early 70s, the company just kept getting bigger, implementing a ton of innovations and becoming the most important economical generator for the region.

Combining many ski resorts, a campground, a tree-top adventure, a water park, an amusement park, and now a minigolf, Mont Saint-Sauveur has become over the years a leader in the tourism industry.

MSSI becomes les Sommets

Proud of its history and following in its Founder Jacques G.Hebert’s footsteps, the Quebec company wishes to put its greatest strength forward: being the group with the most ski resorts in Quebec.  Proud of its origins and wanting to turn over a new leaf while keeping its essence and its founders’ passion, group Mont Saint-Sauveur today becomes les Sommets. The passion coming from the company owning 5 ski resorts, showcases its mission of keeping people moving. Thanks to its active and varied entertainment (ski, snow tubing, camping, water park, etc…), les Sommets lets this force and festive offer shine through.

“I am very excited about this evolution, because it illustrates and confirms the flexibility we show facing the society’s changes. It highlights a successful intergenerational transfer, which is rare these days with Quebec companies,” says les Sommets CEO, Mr. Louis Philippe Hébert.

Through this brand identity change, a complete new website has been created in collaboration with Sigmund, which will include all of the summits. De facto, Sommet Saint-Sauveur,  Sommet Morin Heights, Sommet Olympia, Sommet Gabriel and Sommet Edelweiss will regroup on one single website: www.sommets.com.

Furthermore, the transactional platform has been completely redesigned, offering a user-friendly device for all outdoor activity lovers.

” A company must innovate, show a young and dynamic image. Being in the recreation market, our image must express the quality of our products and service. Our new identity captures the essence of a young and innovative company,” says les Sommets Chairman of the Board and Customer Experience Vice-President Mr. Louis Dufour.

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