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MuchMusic is back but not exactly as Gen Xers remember it


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Bell Media teams up with TikTok for the relaunch of the MuchMusic brand and the revival of the classic series VIDEO ON TRIAL, INTIMATE AND INTERACTIVE, and MUCHMUSIC SPOTLIGHT

Reinvigorated iconic youth brand features all-new creator-driven content and unique client integration opportunities, available exclusively across major digital, content, and social media platforms

Content to feature some of today’s most followed and groundbreaking digital creators, Much Studios personalities, and soon-to-be introduced VJs –

TORONTO, June 10, 2021 /CNW/ – Bell Media confirmed today that one of Canada’s most influential pop-culture brands, MuchMusic, returns July 7 with a new generation of personalities and creators at the helm. It won’t be how Gen Xers remember it almost permanently running on the TV (Channel 29 in Toronto) in their basement, delivering every new video and first interview of nearly every cool 80s and 90s music artist coming through Toronto.

These were the days when you’d usually hear them first on CFNY 102.1 FM and then see them first on MuchMusic.

This time around, Much will be teaming up with TikTok for the official relaunch, and the reimagined MuchMusic builds on the brand’s legacy for delivering the most relevant youth content, available 24/7 exclusively across TikTok and multiple social media platforms.

So in away the core idea is similar but the platform will be ‘much’ different.

Rapidly becoming known as a platform for discovering groundbreaking music content and rediscovering old favourites, TikTok is a natural partner for the all-new MuchMusic. From artist-hosted tent-pole events to live performances, the partnership provides a multitude of brand integration opportunities under the MuchMusic banner.

With full programming details still to be announced, TikTok becomes the exclusive home to iconic MuchMusic series VIDEO ON TRIAL, INTIMATE AND INTERACTIVE, and MUCHMUSIC SPOTLIGHT, fresh content every week, live music, and more.

And no, there is no word on whether or not POP-UP VIDEO will someday make a return. And who doesn’t miss SPEAKER’S CORNER? Okay that was CityTV, but it was social media before the advent of social media — a place where random people off the street could film themselves doing a one-minute rant about any given topic. Of course it was also a spot that would see impromptu performances from the likes of the Barenaked Ladies and Mike Myers.

But we digress

Click here for a first look.

“With hosts and creators that speak directly to Gen Z and younger Millennials, the all-new multiplatform MuchMusic stays true to its spirit as a seminal brand with an authentic voice,” said Stewart Johnston, Senior Vice-President, Sales & Sports, Bell Media. “Tailor made for today’s always on youth audience, MuchMusic doubles down as the essential destination for music and pop culture content. We are so thrilled to offer up an unbeatable lineup of opportunities for our clients,” adds Johnston.

“Culture starts on TikTok, from music and trends to artists being discovered and rediscovered, so there’s an obvious synergy between TikTok and MuchMusic for the relaunch of this iconic institution,” said Adam Burchill, Head of Music, TikTok Canada. “MuchMusic has played an essential part in shaping the musical landscape for generations. Today, TikTok is redefining the way that fans discover and engage with their favourite music and artists, and I’m excited for our platform to bring MuchMusic to a new generation of fans not just in Canada, but around the world,” said Burchill.

The re-imagined MuchMusic will be delivering programming that resonates with youth audiences, with content driven by a new team of VJs, creators, and Much Studios personalities.

The soon-to-be-introduced lineup of uniquely talented and diverse VJs is poised to launch, produce, and define MuchMusic for a new era across multiple social media platforms. Viewers can also expect appearances by Much Studios personalities showcasing their signature brand through new productions. Ranking as a Top 10 Entertainment Specialty network in primetime, Much’s linear channel continues to deliver a diverse programming lineup that includes cutting-edge comedies, unscripted series, and the latest Hollywood blockbusters while running alongside the MuchMusic social channels.

by Terry Lankstead with notes from Bell Media

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