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Royal Thai Government endorses authentic Thai cuisine at Canadian restaurants


TORONTO, July 07, 2021: Toronto’s Thai Trade Centre along with the Ministry of Commerce, Royal Thai Government, today officially announced the Thai SELECT program in Canada. The prestigious certification system aims to shine a light on Thai establishments across the country that honour authentic Thai cuisine.

The Thai SELECT seals of approval allow Canadians to discover the traditional tastes of Thailand right here at home and encourages chefs and restaurants alike to aim for the highest quality in food, ingredients, and service. Thai SELECT actively promotes its certified restaurants through a number of ongoing initiatives and activations across the country, continuously creating support for its members with marketing material and awareness activities.

Thai SELECT works closely with certified restaurants to ensure the highest standards are maintained, requiring reapplication for the award every three years. This ensures the cuisine remains authentic while assuring Canadians they will receive the gold standard in service while visiting Thai SELECT locations. Awarded restaurants focus on upholding traditional Thai methods of cooking and aim to include authentic Thai ingredients throughout their menus. Where ingredients from Thailand cannot be sourced, Thai SELECT restaurants substitute with local options that allow the flavours of Thailand to be honoured.

Thai SELECT offers three certification levels based on the quality of food, design and decor, price point, as well as the level of service; based on rank, restaurants can then obtain one of three levels of recognition.

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