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Seven ways to earn extra cash online


Money is the bane of people’s existence in this world today. The American Psychological Association (APA) indicates that money has become a source of stress-related medical conditions in the US. Gone are the days when money provided support. Today, it is the centre, back, and front of many families and individuals. People are no longer engaging in slots for fun online; every game played is a way to earn more than wagered. However, earning extra cash online is difficult if one does not know where and how. Here are some of the best options to help you make some extra cash online. You can also read about Cash App for more information about its loan feature.

earn extra cash online

Consider affiliate online marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the significant ways to make extra cash online. Marketing is giving people what they need whenever they need it and ensuring the product is always available. You don’t need products and services to make a sale. All you need is to capitalise on primary online retailers’ services such as Amazon. Well, many individuals advise setting up an e-store. However, setting up the store, finding and creating a customer base, conducting research on products, and preparing operational means to deliver or make sales can be complex. Additionally, the multiple customer care services, refund rules and policies, customer complaints, and many more can drive you insane before making a dime.

It is therefore essential to consider affiliate marketing which allows people to earn a commission after a sale. As an affiliate marketer, you get your products from a larger company like Amazon, make a sale and receive a commission. All you need to do is market the effect on your regular page, blog, or social media accounts. You can also optimise your content on search engines, ensuring fast access to people around the world.  Using the affiliate marketer track link, you get a commission plus the credit associated with the sale.

earn extra cash online

Launch an online resource/publishing

Learned and skilled people have many life hacks to share with others. These people lack the resource or knowledge of how to put their ability to use. Such people can use their expertise and knowledge to launch an online resource. A helpful resource can be an ebook sharing your skills on varying subjects. It might not earn you quick cash, but you can make a passive income for a long time if your audience likes it. Books might not be your cup of sugar, but instructional or fun videos can do the same to you.

Sell your content or videos via Amazon and other online retailers. If your expertise is something that people want to read on or look at, making sales through an online retailer might be your best bet. If not, you can teach by launching a teaching session for varying “Life Hacks.” You could highlight the skills required to master casino games to earn free slots with bonuses online. You can also make money through the same casino games.

Online surveys

If you are free from any obligations, you can take online surveys. Market research entities or firms provide online surveys to the public to collect data on people’s opinions on a product or service. However, the surveys are not free and won’t waste your time. Participants get a gift card or voucher, depending on the survey. It may take a long while to earn enough for your use as each survey may only provide you with a single dollar. However, when cooped inside the house for long periods, imagine how many surveys you can take in a day? If working during the day, you can always take an online study in the evening for extra cash.

Online freelancing services

Online Freelancing is the largest online industry providing millions of people with full-time employment. Freelancing requires an individual to have expertise in a specific area or subject. You can lease your services from a remote location using online platforms and earn an income. One of the more common aspects of freelancing jobs is content writing. You can supplement your daily income with Freelancing or take it as a full-time job. Some of the largest platforms you can use as a beginner include Upwork and Freelancer.

Online coaching

There are many challenges in life today, and many individuals are creating roadblocks in their lives. The blocks are challenging to overcome alone and require the assistance of a life coach.  An individual needs to fulfil the role of good communication skills, a desire to provide others with assistance, and knowledge of people’s behaviour patterns and potential solutions to life challenges. The aim of becoming an online life coach is to help individuals overcome their mindsets and lead an everyday but improved life. It can be challenging to develop a client base as you require proper advertising. Also, in some states, you need a professional certificate to become a life coach.

As-A-Service dusiness

Growth in technology is also providing new ways to make extra cash online. The as-a-service business utilises your online presence, internet network, and connectivity to earn an income. What you need is to spread the word about the service or product you are providing. Noah Kagan of the Appsumo Jerky started the as-a-service business, and in 24 hours, he had made $1000. Other potential ideas that can work based on as-a-service include online dinner catering, marketing, or content writing.

Share your property on Airbnb

Share your house if not living in it or on vacation on AirBnB for a specific period. The platform rents your home to tourists from another country or region for a fee. If visiting your parents, you can use the online forum to make some extra cash by sharing your house. However, the idea isn’t limited to homes only. You can share your camping equipment, your boat, or snowboards on various platforms, including Sailo, Spinlister, and Airbnb. If not using any equipment or the house, why not rent it out!


According to Stanford University economists, 42% of people in the US employed under regular office working hours want to work from home. Working online is the perfect solution for individuals willing to earn some extra cash while at home. The process can take a long while before taking root and bringing in some income.

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