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The best camping snacks for your next trip to the woods


Planning a camping trip to the woods? Yes! Camping gear is packed, campfire meals prepped, and on-the-go meals ready, but what about snacks?

Camping snacks are fuel to keep you going on your active days out. They can be foods that take a little preparation and can be enjoyed as a communal activity, such as those that are ready to eat like crisps. But what foods are easy for camping? What snacks to take to camp? Choosing the best camping snacks can be challenging. Storage space is a factor, so ready-to-eat foods that are quick and easy to eat are best.

Easy snacks for camping

What is the most common camping food? Easy snacks.

What are the best camping snacks to buy? The easiest snacks are ones that are portable, don’t need refrigeration, and keep well. So, for that reason, crisps like the Hardbite handcrafted-style chips 150g for $2.97 from the new Giant Tiger flyer starting tomorrow are ideal. You can eat them as is or even make them into a meal by adding beef chilli and grated cheddar cheese to the bag (Yes! It’s fewer plates). It’s like having a bag of nachos. Once you have all the snacks and drinks ready, use our handy tips to keep your drinks and camping snacks cool.

No-cook camping snacks

No cook? No problem.

Granola Trail Mix

If you are planning a camping trip, try making a granola trail mix for a snack that will keep energy levels up. It can be a mixture of nuts, raisins, mini marshmallows, mints, or whatever you enjoy. Do less cooking with these simple snack ideas that you can just mix.

Peanut butter protein balls

Peanut butter balls are a filling snack. They keep and travel well, so they are ideal for a camping trip when you are on the go as they contain fibre, fat and protein. Try this peanut butter protein ball recipe.

Classic camping snacks

The snacks we expect when camping.


What food is easy for camping? Popcorn! It’s hot and crispy, with a delicious smoky flavour from the campfire. You can make popcorn with just heavy-duty foil, popcorn kernels, oil and seasoning, e.g. salt. Follow this campfire popcorn recipe and eat your fill.


Need we say s’mores?

So traditional s’mores come to mind whenever there is an open fire. As classic camping snacks go, there is nothing that beats this. Here’s a melty, sweet s’mores recipe that is easy to make in just a few minutes. You’ll need three ingredients: crunchy Paradise plain malt biscuits, soft marshmallows, and sweet chocolate.

Rice Krispies Treats

A classic snack that children and adults love.

What snacks to take to camp? Rice Krispies treats! Those rectangles of sweetness are hard to resist and an easy snack to pack for a camping trip. The Rice Krispie Treats recipe is easy to follow for a no-stress camping snack. Melt butter and marshmallows together, stir in Rice Krispies, and you’re done.

We hope you’ll enjoy these easy camping snacks and your time away. If you happen to get hungry at midnight, here are some midnight snacks you can try.

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