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The most unusual pillows in the world


A pillow is an important household item found in every home and virtually every room. But who says pillows all have to look the same or perform the same function. There are so many unique pillows out there to cater almost any need. Here are some examples of unique “pillow” ideas for every taste.

Ostrich pillow. Everyone probably dreams of this pillow! It’s warm, dark and very cozy. Such a little thing can be very useful both at work and on the road, and for students or schoolchildren at lectures, it is practical and very versatile.

The pillow is worn over the head like a large soft hat, only the nose and mouth remain open so that you can breathe. Moreover, there is a seal in the pillow so that you can put your head on the table, while your hands are pushed into the earholes of the ostrich pillow like a sleeve. You can sleep in such a strange thing anywhere, not only at the train station but also in the library, in the cinema, in the restaurant, in the workplace, finally. It mutes sounds, dims the light, and maintains a constant comfortable head temperature – a perfect place to sleep.

Boyfriend’s shoulder pillow. Hugging pillow in the form of the most necessary and important part of the male body: side-shoulder-arm. This version of the custom pillow can hug and offer a firm man’s shoulder if you need to cry. If all is well, then the hug pillow will happily hug you. You can also hug a pillow on the plane, on the bus, at home in front of the TV. It is difficult to overestimate the benefits. But! A short marketing study showed that only the left side of the male torso with an arm is for sale.

Pillow for pregnant and nursing mothers. A special pillow, which is specially created for a comfortable pregnancy and feeding the baby, can significantly facilitate the life of new mothers. It is made only from environmentally friendly materials, and also has an original shape, which most often looks like a boomerang or bagel. The special soft filler is completely silent and is able to quickly take the required shape.

With it, you can sleep comfortably, conveniently breastfeed your baby, read your favorite book or watch TV, and use it to play with your toddler. Relaxing with this pillow will give you an unforgettable feeling of the best comfort.

Sushi pillows. Looking at these pillows awakens a wolfish appetite! Which do you prefer? A giant shrimp delicacy or tempting salmon? Sushi pillows for every taste and color! By the way, this pillow will be a great gift for a lover of Japanese cuisine. If he already has hasi sticks, a sushi set, ceramic jugs for sake, then a sushi pillow is what he lacks!

Custom fish pillow. These decorative pillows with pictures of photos of your fish are made for those who love their little friends or want to create an aquarium mood at home. The team from AllAboutVibe will give you this opportunity.

Pillow book. With this custom pillow, you can create the illusion that a person fell asleep while reading right at the table. At the same time, it is clearly more comfortable to sleep on a pillow filled with polyester fiber and polyurethane foam than on a real book. On sale there is “Alice in Wonderland”, “Sherlock Holmes” and “Treasure Island”, but only “Alice in Wonderland” is made in the form of an open book, other pillow books are “closed”. 

Hamburger pillows. Looking for something fun to decorate your living space? Then turn your attention to this hamburger idea. These decorative pillows will be a great addition to your living room or relaxation room. Imagine a dialogue: “Please, serve me a salad and a slice of tomato – I will take a nap” 🙂

Tetris 3D pillows. These classic-looking Tetris blocks can either be scattered in any order along with the sofa or even, like a real Tetris, can be connected to each other. The set comes with five pillows in various configurations and colours.

Pebble stone pillows. This surreal kit will complement your eco-interior. It is made in the form of coastal pebbles. With such an accessory, you can easily transport yourself to the seaside. Such a kit can be expanded in different ways, it all depends on your mood. With the help of soft stone pillows, you can turn your living room into a real rock garden. Smooth “stones” made from natural wool are sold in a variety of colors and shapes.

Human imagination knows no limits or boundaries. For the sake of his comfort, a person is able to come up with many things he needs. In addition to the creative concept, household items should expand their functions and be useful to a person. The ingenious pillows you saw above can be very comfortable and promote sound sleep and healthy relaxation.

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