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These 3 Tools Can Minimize Cyberbullying by 90% On Your Kid


Cyberbullying is one of the burning issues for every parent out there. Parents need to understand what their kids are doing online, how they are vulnerable and help them learn what they should do whenever they are bullied online or threatened.

If you find your kids getting angry or sad after going online, it could also be one of the signs that your kids are bullied online. In the present context, most kids have their devices to surf the internet. Moreover, many parents allow their kids to use devices as all the classes started running remotely because of the pandemic.

As per the report, 24% of kids ages 7 to 11 had their phone in Canada, while 10% of kids ages 2 to 6 had one.

Even though most parents give their kids access to smartphones or tablets, thinking it might be helpful for their kids for study purposes, their children may end up using it for their entertainment purpose rather than study.

As per the Canadian Pediatric Society, 85% of kids spend too much time with TV and digital devices for entertainment purposes.

Too much time spent by your kids may harm your child’s mental health. Online harassment, online bullying, and fraud are the hot online issues where everyone is familiar with them. Kids’ innocence often leads them to be the prey or the target of such online predators.

As per the report, one in seven Canadian children aged 11 to 16 are victims of bullying, and 25% of children in grades 4 to 6 have been bullied.

As a parent, your primary concern is always your kid’s safety which is understandable. But the online world is vague, and protecting your child from it is not easy. But worry not. This article covers almost three tools that you can use to protect your kid online.

Three tools that minimize cyberbullying by 90% on kids

1.Fenced.ai- The parental control solution

Online bullying is not new. However, new and advanced technology (Parental control solution) has made tracking the attackers much more effortless and keeps your kid safe from such predators. Fenced.ai is a parental control solution that fulfills almost every parent’s needs to protect their kids from online predators.

We all know very well that keeping track of kids’ online activities can be very hard. But with Fenced.ai, it becomes effortless to track the kid’s online activities as it allows you to see the movement of the targeted device in real-time.

Now let us look at how fenced.ai can be one of the best options to help minimize cyberbullying on kids online.

  • Monitor social media activity and text messages:

Fenced.ai provides a facility for monitoring your kid’s activity on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Viber, Skype. It is one of the advanced features this app offers you. Much other parental control software available may not give you access to such functionality, but fenced.ai lets you monitor almost all popular social media sites.

  • Geofencing:

One of the best features that fenced.ai provides is the geofencing feature. This functionality lets you view the targeted device’s location through GPS. When the targeted device gets connected to the internet, you can track that device and see their location’s history in live mode. And fenced.ai has nicely incorporated this feature into their software.

  • Set screen time limit:

This feature makes your job easier in handling and controlling the time spent by your kid playing devices to a large extent. The app lets you set the limit time when your kids can use the devices and when they cannot, and also block the device remotely if required.

  • Block explicit content:

The app also provides you the feature of blocking and filtering some inappropriate, unwanted, and dangerous websites so that your kid can’t have access to it.

2. ReThink- Stop cyberbullying

Another popular tool to minimize online cyberbullying is ReThink. It is one of the most popular anti-cyberbullying app available in the market. ReThink is the innovative and non-intrusive approach in tackling the issue of cyberbullying.

 Teenage entrepreneur and activist Trisha Prabhu invented this app. Once you download and enable it, the app monitors users’ typing patterns and displays a pop-up alert message if any users type a word or phrase that might be offensive, and provide an opportunity to rethink or put the brakes on a wrong decision.

The main objective behind ReThink is to stave off cyberbullying before it occurs. This app works in the following way:

When tweens or teens try to post something offensive about something or someone in the aggression, the app detects the objectionable content and provides in-the-moment time to rethink before posting it.

The tweens or teens take a moment of pause, review, and rethink about the post and decide not to post online. This way, online hatred is stopped before any damage occurs.

As per research, 93% of teens have changed their minds when alerted by the ReThink app. Also, the willingness of adolescents to post offensive posts reduced from 71% to 4%.

3. Sophos Firewall

Sophos firewall is another device you can use to minimize cyberbullying on kids. It is a network security solution that helps identify the user and source of an infection on your network. It is also responsible for automatically limiting the infected device’s access to other network resources in response.

Sophos firewall has three key advantages that make it stand out among other network firewalls. The three key advantages are listed below:

  • Blocks unknown threats

With Sophos Firewall, blocking unknown threats is much easier, faster, and more effective than other network firewalls as it offers advanced protection capabilities which are very user-friendly to set up and manage.

  • Exposes hidden risks

Sophos firewalls provide a visual dashboard, rich cloud-based reporting, and unique risk insights that make them better than other network firewalls in exposing hidden risks.

  • Automatically responds to incidents

Sophos Firewall incorporates Synchronized Security that automatically responds to incidents on the network. It shares real-time intelligence between your endpoints and your firewall.

photo by Hessam Nabavi | Unsplash

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