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Toronto Humane Society Shines a Spotlight on Long Stay Dogs in Need of Forever Homes on International Dog Day 


TORONTO, ON. – August 24, 2023 – For International Dog Day on August 26th, Toronto Humane Society is proud to highlight the stories of seven remarkable dogs that have been in the organization’s care for an extended period and are eagerly waiting for their forever families.  

“International Dog Day is a celebration of the profound bond between humans and dogs, and what better way to commemorate this day than by helping our long stay dogs find their forever homes,” said Melissa Shupak, Division Manager of Shelter Programs at Toronto Humane Society. “Each of these dogs have their own story to tell, and we believe that there is a perfect family out there for them.” 

Meet the dogs who are seeking forever homes: 


Bailey is a two-year-old, male, American Bulldog who is big-hearted, playful dog searching for a forever home that can match his energy and enthusiasm. He’s eager to make new dog friends and is working on building confidence with meeting new people and adjusting to new environments. With a love for outdoor adventures, Bailey will thrive with a patient and active family ready to embrace his boundless spirit. 


Blaze is an extraordinary two-year-old, male, mixed breed dog on a journey of trust-building. Patient interaction and gentle walks are key to unveiling his true personality, revealing his impressive leash skills and joy for exploration. Blaze’s transformation from stray to budding companion showcases the strength of patience and love, offering a loyal and loving friend to those who embrace his unique journey. 


A stunning five-year-old, female, shepherd mix, Goldie is your ideal partner for outdoor adventures. From swimming, to chasing balls, or sun-soaked porch lounging, she’s your energetic playmate and a cozy couch companion all in one. Over time, Goldie has transformed from a wary dog to a trusting friend, as she is learning to embrace new faces and calm down around other dogs. Goldie would thrive in a forever home that is in a quieter area, with a fenced in backyard, and with a family that sees her pure heart and understands her journey.


Don’t be fooled by his name, Hades is one of the friendliest dogs around! Hades is an outgoing and charismatic two-year-old, male, mixed breed dog who loves to be the center of attention. He’s a quick learner and enjoys agility training, brain games, and cuddles. Hades is seeking a family that can provide couch cuddles, continue his training, and possibly even include another medium-sized dog in his forever home. Despite his initial greeting, Hades is friendly and with a treat and a warm greeting, he quickly becomes your friend. With his progress in overcoming wariness of meeting new people, he’s ready to shine in a loving and patient home that recognizes his potential.


Hazel is truly a treat. Win her love, and you’d get all the wiggles and wags that come with it. She is a sweet five-year-old, female, mixed breed dog looking for her forever home outside of Ontario. Due to breed specific legislation in the province of Ontario, Hazel will need a family from outside Ontario to adopt her. #EndTheBan #EndBSL


Juniper is an enthusiastic six-year-old, female, mixed breed dog who loves people and walks. While she’s learning leash manners, a tasty treat is all it takes to capture her attention. Juniper would do best with as much structure, routine and predictable interactions as possible, so that she feels at ease. If you’re ready to share love and treats, Juniper is ready to be your devoted best friend.


An intelligent one-year-old, female, Siberian Husky and Shepherd mix, Ladybird is a companion-loving adventure enthusiast with great leash skills. She loves adventures so much that staying home alone can be hard and she needs to work on her independence. Seeking a nurturing home, Ladybird thrives outdoors and enjoys walks, camping, and hiking. She’s eager to be a devoted friend and, with patient training and support, she’s ready to blossom into a loyal and affectionate companion.

Toronto Humane Society is encouraging anyone interested in adopting a dog to visit their website at www.torontohumanesociety.com, visit their 11 River Street location in Toronto, or contact their adoption team at adoptions@torontohumanesociety.com to learn more. 

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