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Unique Toronto dining experiences


If you’re a Toronto resident or someone who frequents the city, then you’ll know that it is host to a number of different great restaurants, cafes, bistros, bars, etc. Whatever you’re looking for Toronto has it – but what if you want to experience something that you’re not necessarily looking for? What if you want to be totally wowed and pleasantly surprised by your dining experience?

From some of the more popular restaurants in Toronto to some less known ones, this list will cover some of the best places to go to if you’re looking for a unique experience.


This minimalistic restaurant found on Portland St. was designed by the Spanish/Canadian firm ODAMI that focuses on smooth, sophisticated lines and undistracted dining. There’s even a cubby in the center of the table where you can leave your phone, encouraging you to pay attention to the here and now.

Their food matches the minimalistic, elegant style of the restaurant with dishes inspired by Japanese cuisine that are presented in small dishes like dumplings, robata, and sweets. This elegant, high-class style is meant to contrast their sister restaurant, Rasa, which offers a grittier dining experience.

Cold Tea

Located in Kensington Market and only marked by a single red light above its door, you’d think that Cold Tea would be a little less known but in fact it’s gained quite a bit of popularity. This is most likely due to the overhaul they went through between 2017 and 2018 where the bar had a more underground feel to it, but now it’s more artsy and refined. It even has a display case that shows off rotating art installations.

But it’s most inspired venture is its partnership with Leemo Han of Hanmoto to create an Asian South American fusion concept which they’ve named Juanmoto. With this fusion of cultures they’ve managed to create unique dishes such as The Tempura McFly – a fried chicken sandwich fried in tempura batter.

Alo Restaurant

Looking for a Michelin Star restaurant experience? Well look no further than Alo Resturant, which was rated number 1 in Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants in 2017. Located on the third floor of an Victorian-style building on Spadina Avenue, it’s an easy place to miss – but once you find it you’ll be pleasantly surprised to step into a chic lounge and bar, and further to a small, pleasant-looking dining room.

Alo Restaurant offers a set six course meal with French dishes that will delight and inspire. You can expect food like French gougères, foie gras, steelhead trout, and plain au lait.

Plenty of Gems

The best thing about Toronto is all of the restaurants it hosts and the amazing amount of variety that there is available. No matter what street you turn on, you’re sure to be surprised by some kind of hidden gem that you weren’t expecting.

That being said, it always helps to do a little research before hitting the streets – that way the restaurant you end up going to has the reputation to back it up.

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