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When will Game of Thrones return?


Game of Thrones return – As we realize that winter is coming, we can’t help but recall the infamous words of the Stark family motto, which gets our heartbeats racing as we realize the year without Game of Thrones is nearly over. Filming for the final season has wrapped already and fans are eager to anticipate what might happen – the books are still not caught up to the TV show – and who might end up on the Iron Throne. When does Game of Thrones come back and what can we do while we wait?

When is Game of Thrones Back?

Given that filming has finally finished and show runners are plotting how they will keep the world of Game of Thrones alive for fans with various spin-offs being touted, fans are eager to know when the show will return. HBO have announced that the eighth season will air in the first half of 2019 – so a spring airdate, much like seasons one to six seems likely. Filming for the final season wasn’t undertaken in Canada – some of the past few seasons were shot on a soundstage in Calgary so the adult dire-wolves featured on the show were close to home – but there are still many ways that enthusiastic Canadians can stay in touch with the show during its extended hiatus.

Game of Thrones Games

Game of Thrones Online Slots and Graphic Novel Game

But Game of Thrones fans don’t need to think as much as Tyrion to connect with their favourite fantasy land. As these tips on where to play show, Game of Thrones is available as an online slot. The themes, motifs, and music of the show are taken and used to add life to the popular online casino pastime. 

Winning isn’t as easy as traditional slots – for example 50 free spins no deposit Poland – as wilds are thrown into the mix just like the White Walkers and betrayal that happens in the show. But it’s not just Thrones itself that has been turned into one of the popular casino games in Canada and Europe. There are a host of fantasy online games that are in the same vein as Game of Thrones with supremacy, feudalism and dragons the key focus. There is also a Game of Thrones graphic novel adventure game that involves progressing through various characters’ stories in order to uncover the next layers of plot.

Board Game and Binge-Watching

As we wait one of the longest amounts of time between two seasons of a TV show, watching the show again and playing the online games and slots isn’t enough to keep us happy. Traditional fans can always dive back into the series and binge watch the show again from the start from various streaming platforms or DVD. But, the world of Game of Thrones is available in the way of a traditional board game. The goal, much like the show, is supremacy through the pieces on the board. As the machinations and strategic thinking are at the heart of the show, the board game, like the online casino game, is able to tap into this well.

While we wait out the long winter ahead, there is not just the dawning of spring to keep us warm, but the knowledge that this will be the last winter before Game of Thrones bursts back onto our screens. Some fans have taken their love for the fantasy show to extremes – such as whoever turned the James Snow Parkway into the Jon Snow Parkway. While we know the aim of the show isn’t to find out who ends up on the Iron Throne, and it is a lot more nuanced than that, fans have already begun predicting how the show could end.

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