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4 business solutions that get the job done


Owners, managers, and supervisors prefer results-oriented solutions. New products and services appear in the retail and wholesale market in the modern digital world regularly. Some are better than others, but all go through a trial phase during which users assess them for effectiveness. What does it take for a product to make it across the finish line?

An effective solution is both cost-effective and practical. It must not only deliver good value but also solve a common problem. Of the current crop of available services and products, several have proven themselves to be a cut above the competition. Asset tagging has become a commonplace remedy for lost and stolen equipment.

Trucking companies use fleet management programs to monitor the movement of goods in transit. HR managers utilize applicant tracking systems to screen hundreds of job candidates in a single swoop. Finally, ad tracking software helps marketing professionals calibrate spending and gain insight into campaign effectiveness.

Asset Tagging

Asset tags are an inexpensive, simple remedy to a longtime problem for owners. The chipped plastic rings or high-tech tape are just two of the many kinds of tags on the market. Owners use them to protect computers, appliances, furniture, keys, safes, file cabinets, and dozens of other things from walking away. Since asset tags have become commonplace in the last decade, managers and entrepreneurs worry less about lost and stolen items.

Truck Fleet Management

Transport company supervisors rely on specialized software to track vehicle fleets. These high tech solutions can do a lot, but one of their most prized features is vehicle tracking via GPS devices. Not only do the programs deliver reams of real-time, pertinent data to managers, but they also help drivers adhere to schedules and keep accurate records of every trip. Fleet software also works to keep tabs on vehicle service appointments. The programs allow constant communication between drivers and supervisors, which allows for in-cab coaching, traffic monitoring via dashcams, and much more.

ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) for HR Departments

Human resources departments face the ongoing challenge of screening thousands of applicant resumes during a hiring season. ATS software is adept at searching for tailor-made lists of keywords and sorting resumes according to a precise ranking method. Then, hiring agents offer live interviews to top candidates and make their selections. ATS products have enabled HR staff to streamline the hiring process and find applicants who are a close match for open positions. Down the line using these tools will make your work crew feel like a team because you will have dedicated yourself to intentional hiring and bringing people on board that match the role and values of the job, and the company culture.

Ad Trackers

Marketing and promotion experts have been using sophisticated ad trackers for more than a decade. Some of the newer offerings in the niche include high-end AI-based solutions that deliver reams of pertinent data about the effectiveness of every advertisement a company places. The information is valuable for a number of reasons. Managers can calibrate ad spending based on precise measurements of effectiveness, customer satisfaction with purchases, and market penetration. While it can be tricky to determine whether a particular advertisement is the sole cause of a rise or fall in immediate profits, ad tracking is currently the best way to measure how well a particular campaign is doing in terms of revenue production.

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