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4 Hottest digital marketing trends in 2023


It’s almost 2023, and digital marketers are already noting the trends that will shape the rest of the year. First things first: flying cars? Nope, not yet. You’ll have to wait much longer for those! 

But this is a great time to be involved in digital marketing. Never before have we had such access to innovative technologies and strategies that help us reach our goals faster than ever.

It’s also amazing to see how much digital marketing has progressed even within the past three years: no one could have predicted white-label SEO would become a pillar of many successful marketing strategies.

So, in this post, we’ll look at four of the hottest digital marketing trends making waves in 2023. And if you want success as a digital marketer, you need to get on board, pronto!

  1. Social media marketing trends

Considering 86% of businesses are now adopting videos as a popular marketing tactic, 78% said there is a direct increase in sales, and 86% said it helped boost traffic to the website [source], it makes perfect sense that most online content will be composed of video in the coming years. 

Additionally, a report says that bite-sized videos with a shorter length are optimal for engagement because attention spans have decreased to 8.25 seconds on average in just 15 years. [source] 

Investing in shorter, high-quality content will therefore be paramount for marketers wanting to reach and engage with their target audience. 

Moreover, AI will have an even bigger year in 2023. In the near future, AI will recommend more content on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to increase user engagement. [source]

This measure is expected to drastically improve accessibility and provide users with a more convenient way of discovering high-value content. 

  • Content marketing trends

As customer needs continue to evolve, 2023 will be a year that centers on interactive content.

Interactive content is quickly becoming the norm for successful marketing campaigns in the digital age. A study by the Content Marketing Institute found that 75% of marketers see educating their audience as the main goal when using interactive content. [source]

The reasons behind their usage of interactive content in content marketing are: they provide 59% engagement,58% lead generation, create brand awareness at 57%, and have conversions by 49%.[source]

As people increasingly look for meaningful experiences, interactive content will continue to be the go-to for connecting with audiences and building attention around products and services. In addition, it gives users control over their buying journey, making them more likely to return again and again. 

So, it is highly likely that interactive content will be essential well into 2023 and beyond.

  • LinkedIn lead generation trends

LinkedIn has been steadily rising in popularity as one of the leading B2B advertising platforms, and recent projections state that LinkedIn will earn $3.01 billion from US B2B display ad spending in 2022, which will grow to $4.56 billion by 2024. At this point, LinkedIn will capture nearly 25% of all B2B digital ad spending in the US.  [source]

This shows that this platform will continue to expand, opening up a massive opportunity for businesses to take advantage of this powerful platform and potentially reap megawatt rewards.

  • Outsourcing digital marketing trends

Local markets have become increasingly competitive in recent years. This fierce competition has increased demand for local search engine optimization (SEO) services as businesses strive to succeed.

And to generate local leads for the business, digital marketing agencies are invaluable. Google statistics suggest that 76 percent of people who perform a local business search on mobile phones visit the business within 24 hours. [source]

This reinforces how customer reviews, business information, listings, and first-page rankings are critical in the digital market. So, SEO has become crucial for any business looking to improve its online visibility.

Moreover, 34% of digital marketing responsibilities are being outsourced by businesses [source], and 80% of businesses, generally, are pleased with their partnerships with outsourcing companies. [source] This statistic underscores that many businesses recognize the value and importance of outsourcing and are opting to use it more frequently in their upcoming strategies.

We’ve seen the future, and it looks a lot like today. While it’s impossible to predict the future, we can be sure that these four digital marketing trends will continue to play an essential role in shaping how businesses reach and engage customers online.

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