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5 Genius Home Renovation Ideas for Compact Homes


A small home saves money, reduces waste, and allows you to live a minimal lifestyle. 

But now you’re looking to do some home renovations. To truly make the most of your space without it appearing cluttered and as compact as it is.

We have compiled a list of 5 genius home renovation ideas for compact homes.

Space-Saving Cabinets and Shelves

Let’s begin with some space-saving options that will maximize storage capacity without you having to clear and toss out some of your belongings.

For your compact home, you should be looking at interior decor that is all about minimalism, clever use of space, lighting, and openness. Therefore, Italian-style kitchen cabinets are a must-have.

Make use of height concerning shelving and cabinets. Use tall cabinets or bookshelves to store items vertically. 

Building up is a great way to utilize unused wall space and draw the eye upward, creating the illusion of higher ceilings. We don’t realize how much space there is between the tops of furniture items and our ceiling!

Install wall-mounted, or stacked floating shelves. This versatile shelving solution allows for maximum storage possibilities without taking up valuable floor space. 

An interesting design idea is to install your stacked floating shelves in an unused corner of a room. Alternate the ladder-style shelving between the walls to create a light, airy aesthetic.

Transform your upper cabinets to open shelves by simply removing your upper cabinet doors, creating a sense of openness in your home. And go the extra mile to declutter and free up space by hanging your pots and pans from a ceiling-mounted rack.

Wall-Mounted Desks

You may believe you need a large desk to work efficiently. But this is a myth! A wall-mounted desk helps you get the job done just as well. 

They are adaptable to any space, often foldable, and are overall one of the best compact home office desk options. And you’ve got no pesky legs in the way while you work!

Install a wall-mounted desk in your living room or bedroom. Now, you have a compact workspace that doesn’t take up much space. Not to mention you can mount shelves above your desk to enhance organization through more storage space.

Home improvements that enhance your work efficiency such as this are a great way to invest in your future.

Foldable and Multifunctional Furniture

“Foldable” and “multifunctional” are your go-to buzzwords when it comes to compact living spaces. Small homes need furniture items that can be easily used in another way, or stored away when not being used.

Visualize a table that can function as a desk, console, and whole dining table. A deep sofa that can also function as a guest bed. 

Cubes that serve as a coffee table, and give you bonus seating for when you’re hosting guests. An ottoman with hidden, under-seating storage compartments, which can magically transform into a coffee table or footstool. 

The possibilities are endless!

Invest in all types of furniture that can be folded up or disassembled easily when not in use: dining tables and chairs, sofas, beds, futons, etc. 

You want to be able to hide these items away in a closet to free up additional space when possible. It’s both aesthetic and storage-savvy! Consider exploring innovative solutions like cabinet beds in Canada, offering a seamless blend of functionality and style.

Hairpin Leg Co can give you that opportunity, taking innovative designs that matters. 

Sliding Doors or Barn Doors

Hinged doors with their constant opening and closing are a sure-fire way to chomp up living space. But it is essential to screen certain views and provide privacy.

So, we recommend replacing your traditional hinged doors with sliding or barn doors. These types of doors save space without neglecting one’s natural need for privacy. 

You can install sliding doors for closets, bathrooms, room dividers, etc. And barn doors can be used for pantries and home offices, all the while giving your home a sweet, rustic touch.

Our unique design tip is to choose a sliding or barn door that picks up accents that are already present in the room. Painting the door a contrasting color also adds a pop of interest and brightens your home, making it feel more spacious.

Mirrors and Glass

Letting the light in is a simple way to rejuvenate your home and amplify space.

Install an oversized mirror that covers an entire wall. We all know that mirrors reflect light, and with this wall-covering installation also reflecting your interior decor, your room space is doubled! 

In a cramped space, mirrors are miracle workers by creating the illusion of space and expanse.

Glass and other high-shine materials are also reflective. Consider a kitchen backsplash with a high-shine material to generate the same effect that a mirror will. 

Glass or mirrored backsplashes will add depth, airiness, and brightness to your kitchen by bouncing the light around.

Check with a structural engineer to deduce whether or not you could use interior windows or pass-throughs to connect rooms. You could do this with your dining room, kitchen, and living room. 

A partial glass door also does the trick to open up views and connect adjacent spaces like your dining room, kitchen, and living room.

photo by leemelina08 from Pixabay

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