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5 Things You May Be Doing to Attract Pests into Your Home


Finding pests in our homes is never a good thing, we usually attribute it to something else being the cause of them wiggling their way into our homes. We don’t like to admit that most of the time it is our own fault. 

The first step to getting rid of pests and problems in your home is to accept some responsibility. 

Pests come in so many forms from cockroaches, to bugs, to rats and mice. For more information look here. 

Note that for everything that happens there has to be a cause, and if your home is having pest problems, there will be a reason. 

Let’s look into some of the main things you may be doing that are attracting pests into your home.

#1. Not Cleaning Up Food Properly

The most common reason you may be suffering with pests could be food. Most pests will be attracted into your home due to food. Your kitchen might be dirty, you may leave dishes in the sink overnight, you may not clean up properly, or you may have forgotten to clean up some crumbs you dropped on the floor. 

You might have food bits behind your appliances, or the floor and kitchen counters could be covered in crumbs. Let’s not forget the stink from your rubbish bins. Which should be emptied regularly and have good lids. 

Whatever the case, if pests are hanging around in areas like your kitchen then it may be likely they are being drawn in by food, and they will likely be leaving a pest contamination in their wake. 

#2. Mess/ Lots Of Clutter

It is not just food mess that can cause infestations of pests. General mess can be a cause as well. 

Having a lot of clutter lying around can invite pests into your home. You see pests adore hiding and breeding in large piles of clutter, it is just safe to them. So, if you have a lot of rubbish lying around and lots of clutter in places, eventually pests will see it as an opportunity and move in. 

This is often a problem for hoarders, while you might love the stuff you horde, pests do too, and it invites them into your home with the perfect space to settle down and have their own little family.

You need to try and keep a tidy home, and even if you have lots of items, try to store them carefully. Keep storage boxes or use storage systems to keep them organized and out of the view of pests that may see opportunity in them. 

You should also be vacuuming often, and keep your bed clean, washing it as often as you can. 1-2 weeks is ideal if you are a very busy person.

#3. No Caution Around Damp

Many of us forget about this one, but pests tend to need water to survive. Moisture can actually be one of the main causes of pests. 

It can occur in a variation of ways, it could bring in creatures like cockroaches. 

You can also develop pests if your plumbing is leaking. Avoid standing bodies of water, and buckets of water sitting outside for long periods are ideal habitats for mosquitoes. 

#4. Bringing In Garden Debris

Some pests will enter your home through your garden. This usually happens because your garden is on the messy side. Be it debris or garden refuse that has been improperly disposed of, or even an overgrown garden, any of these things could be a cause. 

If trees and bushes make contact with your home this can be inviting pests into your home, as they use it to climb up into your house. 

These are typically the pests that cause bad structural damages. If you have piles of wood stored against your house for firewood, they may also make their homes here, so try to keep your wood stores further from your home.

#5. Leaving Cracks & Holes Untreated

Pests need a way to get into your house in the first place. Your doors or windows may be locked tight, but if you have holes or cracks in your walls, ceiling or even the floor, they can get in. 

Many pests can get through even the smallest little gap, able to squish themselves down to tiny sizes. 

If you notice any holes or cracks in your walls, ceilings, floors and so on, try to get them sealed up as quickly as you possibly can.

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