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5 Tips To Help You Build Muscle Mass


Getting stronger is a healthy and admirable fitness goal. This might be why you are eating cleaner, hitting the gym, and packing everything you eat with enough protein to last a lifetime.

It’s safe to say that the fitness industry is currently at the top of its game. Sure, exercising well and cutting out excess sugar can make you feel stronger. Yet these two things alone won’t be enough to alter your muscle mass.

To tell the truth, building muscle mass can be pretty tough. Here are 5 tips to help you along the way.

1. Make Sure You’re Eating Enough Calories

Eating the right kinds and quantities of food is an essential part of boosting muscle mass. 

We would suggest sticking to usual meal times — breakfast, lunch, and dinner — in addition to snacks in between, making sure that all of your meals are as nutritious as possible.

Eating smaller portions at these times throughout the day will reduce your stomach size. Not only will this keep you feeling fuller for longer but it will also reduce your cravings for unhealthy foods that may throw the process off-balance.

If you struggle with choosing what foods to buy, there are many amazing meal delivery service systems out there for you to choose from.

2. Have Breakfast

If you’re serious about building muscle mass, you will require an immediate burst of energy to begin your day. Breakfast will help you to do just that, and will also keep you feeling full until your next snack or meal.

Beginning the day with a healthy and balanced breakfast might also subconsciously push you into making healthier food choices throughout the day, which will help you on your journey to build a lot of muscle mass.

The best types of breakfast for this purpose are those made with fresh ingredients like healthy smoothies and omelettes featuring ingredients like cottage cheese, chicken, or spinach.

3. Consume Protein At Each Meal

Protein is a key component of successfully building muscle mass and should become the center of all of your meals. You should aim to be eating at least 1 g of protein for every 454 g of your body weight.

The simplest way of introducing this much protein into your diet is to consume a whole protein source during every meal. This might include the following:

  • Eggs – don’t believe any cholesterol myths, eggs are a great source of protein!
  • Dairy – this includes cheese, milk, and yogurt.
  • Fish – try salmon or tuna.
  • Vegan options like nuts, seeds, and tofu
  • Red meat including pork, lamb, and beef
  • Poultry like duck, chicken, and turkey
  • For a great post-workout shake, whey is another great source of protein. You should be able to find protein on sale to use in your shakes.

4. Use Your Time Wisely In The Gym

In many situations, gym-goers spend the majority of their session talking and the remaining time pretending to actively train. But if you are serious about building muscle mass, you need to make the most of your training time.

To put it simply, you need to train your muscles from as many different angles as you can. If you’re focusing on training your legs, this may mean doing squats, lunges, deadlifts, or using a leg press in a single session instead of just one activity. Check Fitness Fahrenheit for exercises that will help you build more muscle.

The greatest advice we can give you is to plan ahead. Start by preparing exactly what you want to do during your sessions, dedicate yourself to the training, and then leave the gym. 

Ideally, you shouldn’t need more than an hour for an effective workout. Anything more could be a complete waste of energy and time.

5. Drink Lots of Water

Strength training and hard exercises at the gym will cause water loss via sweating which could impair your muscle recovery. If you don’t replace the water quickly, you will likely not have any luck building lots of muscle mass.

Water also transports the much-needed nutrients that the body requires to make protein and glycogen structures. These are the essential muscular building blocks in the body.

Not only does drinking lots of water prevent dehydration but it’s also good at staving off feelings of hunger. This is because an empty stomach can easily feel like you are hungry.


By following all of these tips and also getting a full night of rest, you should soon start to see muscle mass begin to build. None of these tips are quick fixes to getting where you want to be, but they are essential building blocks to the eventual outcome.

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