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6 Toronto coffee shops to get your caffeine fix


Recently, I was having dinner at a restaurant with friends and the waitress noticed our accent. She asked where we were from to which we explained that we were born and raised in Montreal, and now living here, in Toronto. She then told us how much she loves Montreal and how amazing its coffee scene is. She continued telling us that she couldn’t find the same quality coffee in the city. I have to say that I disagree. As a coffee addict, I’m more than impressed with the Toronto coffee scene. There’s absolutely nothing boring about it, and I found amazing coffee joints that are making my days “In the Six” better and better every day. 

We eat and drink very well in Toronto! And coffee isn’t an exception. With local coffee roasters like Pilot and Propeller that are doing wonders and supplying many cool coffee shops, coffee enthusiasts are fully satisfied. Here’s six coffee shops to get your caffeine fix around the city.

Pilot Coffee 

A stop at the Pilot Coffee  “flagship” is a must to discover the Toronto-based speciality-coffee roastery & tasting bar. Otherwise, Pilot supplies several coffee shops all around town in addition to operating a few counters with one more to come at Union Station this winter. In a nutshell:  Toronto coffee scene just wouldn’t be the same without Pilot.

Where: 50 Wagstaff Drive  (flagship)

Pilot Coffee Roasters

Public Coffee

Another great coffee option that is quite up-to-date is Public Coffee, a pretty turquoise space on Bay Street. This instagram-worthy coffee shop serve excellent coffees, mostly organic, and the place encourages local businesses by serving their pastries and a small day menu in a very “friendly” atmosphere. What more could you ask for? 

Where: 88 Bay Street

Public Coffee Toronto

Jimmy’s Coffee

If you see people (and you will) walking around with their yellow cap coffee cups, you know where to go. Jimmy’s has taken Toronto by storm since the opening of its first location on Portland Street in 2009. The word of mouth did the rest, and now, you’ll find more than 6 locations of  Jimmy’s Coffee  in the city. Their beans are sourced by Classic Gourmet Coffee, and locally roasted right here in Ontario. In doubt, “Choose Yellow”.

Where : 107 Portland St. Toronto (original location)

Jimmy’s Coffee

Strange Love

This “strange” coffee shop wants to reimagine what a “normal” coffee shop is supposed to be. Their space is cool with a “rock and roll” touch and, most importantly, they serve amazingly good coffee. Strange Love Coffee  claims to craft coffee for the foodies. Consisting of a working space, a coffee counter and a local shop located in the heart of downtown Toronto, this award-winning serving coffee shop also opened a brand new location at 1055 Yonge Street which you should check out.

 Where: 101 Spadina Avenue

Strange Love Coffee

Crema Coffee

Crema Coffee serves delicious coffee from local roaster Propeller, who was named 2016 Micro-Roaster of the Year by Roast Magazine. At Crema, you’ll find everything you are looking for in a coffee shop: great baristas, good coffee and a friendly atmosphere. Serving fresh pastries daily and offering free wi-fi as well as a working space, Crema is an authentic coffee shop that is simple, good and, let’s be honest, sometimes that’s all you need to get you going during the day.

Where: 3079 Dundas St. W.

Crema Coffee

Quantum Coffee

The flagship store of Quantum Coffee is, literally, “coffee geek” paradise. Serving single-origin beans from some of the best producers around the globe, Quantum is a modern and sleek space located in the heart of downtown Toronto. They also recently partnered up with Village Juicery, now serving a selection of their 100% organic fresh juices and breakfast jars. The best of the best.

Where: 460 King St W (flagship store)

Quantum Coffee

Author : Catherine Maisonneuve

Freelance Food, Travel & Lifestyle Writer

Instagram/Twitter : @cathmaison

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