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6 Tips for planning the perfect getaway to Iceland


With its gorgeous natural scenery, friendly people and lots of activities to take part in, Iceland is the perfect place for a getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. When planning your trip, though, you’ll want to think about these six tips to help make sure that everything goes off without a hitch and that you have an unforgettable time in one of the world’s most beautiful places.

6 Tips For Planning The Perfect Getaway To Iceland

Organise Your Trip

Think about what your travel goals are. Do you want to travel with someone else or are you looking to get away from it all? Do you want to see the Northern Lights or do you just want a place to relax with a good book and a glass of wine? Make sure that your travel goals match the country and region you’re visiting. Also think about when you are going. When you are going is just as important as where. Depending on what time of year, the weather may be too cold or mildly hot. If you’re trying to take advantage of one of Iceland’s famous events, like their annual winter carnival, make sure that you’ll be there during its peak season.

Book Accommodations

If you’re looking for a place to stay, it’s best to book in advance. There are many different options available to suit your needs, with the price of accommodations ranging from $150 a night to over $1,000 per night depending on what you want and how much space you need. Hostels are an affordable option for groups or those travelling alone and offer dormitory-style rooms with either four or six beds per room. Akureyri hotels or Reykjavik hotels offer more privacy and amenities like a television and refrigerator in each room, but they can be quite pricey. Guesthouses have private bedrooms with shared bathrooms but they are also more expensive than hostels or hotels.

Book Flights

The best way to find the cheapest flights is to use a flight aggregator site. These sites search through all the airlines, and will often show you deals that aren’t always available on each airline’s website. You’ll want to start by deciding when you want to travel. If you are flexible with dates, then you can check out different months for better prices. If not, try looking at different times of the year such as winter, spring, or summer. Researching your destination will help determine which time of year will be best suited for your trip. Once you have decided on a date and season, it’s time to decide which cities in Iceland you would like to visit and how long you plan on staying there.

Book Car Rental

Make sure to book your car rental before you arrive in Iceland. A car is the best way to get around and explore the country, but you’ll be stuck waiting for hours at the airport if you don’t plan ahead. Booking a rental car at least two weeks in advance will give you the best rates and options. If your plans change, contact your company as soon as possible to see if they can accommodate a last-minute request.

Book Tours/Activities

Booking tours and activities before you arrive in Iceland can make your trip more enjoyable and save you some time. Here are some recommended activities:

– Reykjavik City Sightseeing Tour

– Golden Circle Tour

– Fjord Explorer Cruise

– Akureyri Whale Watching Day Trip

– Northern Lights Adventure Day Tour

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