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A New Year’s message from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau


Today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau posted a New Year’s message on social media to honour Canada’s frontline workers.

“I wanted to take a moment this holiday season to thank our front line workers. It’s been a tough year, I know, and you’ve made a lot of sacrifices to be there for us. To every single one of you: Thank you so much. You’ve been our heroes this year, and we’ll forever be grateful,” said Canada’s Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister’s statement reads:

“Hello everyone. And at long last, happy New Year!

“Today, as we look towards a new year, full of possibilities and optimism we also have to reflect on the year we just had. And what a year it has been. It’s been tough. The virus has affected all of our lives. But through it we’ve seen Canadians – from coast to coast to coast – lend a hand, to make personal sacrifices, and help others. This is especially true for those working on the front lines of the pandemic. I’m talking about the health care workers who cared for the sick.m The grocery store workers who kept the shelves stocked. The teachers and child care workers who have comforted our children. the farmers who ensured we had food on the table. The volunteers who raised their had to help those in need. And the men and women in uniform who helped care for our most vulnerable.

“They are everyday heroes who we cheered on and hung signs in our windows for. Because every day, they put the interests of their neighbours, their communities, and their country ahead of their own. So as we close 2020, let’s take another moment to thank those who sacrificed so much for the good of all of us.

“To all of our front line workers: thank you. Our country will be forever grateful. And we will continue to be here to support you every step of the way.

“My friends, I know better days are ahead. and together, we will come out of this crises together and more resilient, but until then stay safe and healthy.

“And Happy New Year everyone,” said the Prime Minister.

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