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An exciting career in insurance? It’s more likely than you think


career in insurance – There’s never been a more exciting time to work in insurance. Aside from offering an innovative industry, jobs tend to be stable and flexible. For those who value work-life balance, they offer the perfect blend of freedom and excitement.

As insurance companies continue to innovate, new career possibilities have emerged in the industry. Here are just a few examples of exciting and often unexpected job opportunities that insurance companies can provide:

Sales and customer service. Navigating the many options of insurance can seem like a daunting task for some. The role of sales and customer service advisor provides customers with guidance on the right home and auto insurance options for them, and ensures they make an informed decision. Backed by in-house training, sales and customer service advisors have the opportunity to work directly with customers offering first-class service.

App development. Staying up to date means making it easy for customers to access their insurance information on the go. Developers are crucial to making that happen, creating mobile applications that provide updated insurance data. Or, in Belairdirect’s case, allowing customers to save on insurance by receiving a discount based on their driving habits.

UX design. Whether it’s customers searching for the right insurance product for themselves or potential employees searching for a job, the user experience on a company’s website is paramount to its accessibility and reputation. UX designers ensure that every online interaction — on a desktop, mobile site or application — is optimized to users’ priorities and habits.

Data analysis. With all the new technology available to them, insurance companies manage a lot of data, from customers’ habits to weather data and traffic patterns. Data analysts help companies make sense of that information to help them better help their customers how and when they need it.

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