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Beautiful Places To Visit in Dubai-2021


Dubai is an emirate in the United Arab Emirates that is famous for its ultramodern architecture, luxury lifestyle, and lively nightlife. Millions of people visit Dubai throughout the year. It is also famous for its sightseeing attractions like Burj Khalifa (the tallest tower in the world), Burj Al Arab, Dubai Mall, Marina, and many more. 

Dubai has transformed itself from a desert occupation into a class of city that comprises high rises and great shopping malls. Tourists come here for shopping, tourism, enjoyment, and family fun. It has many cultural and traditional highlights and places. Many tourists prefer to visit Dubai in their own car and that’s where Rent a Car Dubai companies help.

Due to its glamorous beauty, it has a lot of places to visit. Dubai is also highly recommended as a holiday destination. Beautiful places in Dubai that are worth visiting include Dubai fountain, Bollywood park, wild wadi water park, Dubai aquarium, Dubai Dolphinarium, Dubai frame, and many more. You can visit all these places when you go on a trip to Dubai. 

By exploring such places you can make your visit more memorable and it will take your holiday experience to another level. 

Top 6 beautiful places in Dubai 2021

Here are some of the most beautiful places to visit in Dubai:

1- Dubai Fountain

It is the largest water fountain in the world. Dubai fountain is located in the wonderful Burj Complex. It is the most stunning and world’s tallest fountain, which is a sight to marvel at. Its towering height reaches 900 feet and it stands in the middle of the Burj lake. This beautiful fountain was designed by California-based WET that are creators of the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas. Every day in the evening, the shows begin here and the best way to reach it is via Dubai Mall. It performs on different songs and rhythms including classical, Arabic, and other popular world musical numbers. 

2- Dubai Desert Safari with Barbeque Dinner

Dubai is a land of adventurous streaks. No doubt Desert Safari is one of the most exclusive activities to try in Dubai. By exploring the endless desert on your trip you can make your trip an adventurous experience. Its desolate desert is still at its heart. Dubai presents you with various desert safari options. You can enjoy it by camping in the desert with a delicious Arabian dinner or Barbeque. Along with it you also enjoy their belly dancers and other traditional performances. It is a highly recommended activity that you should do with your friends and family as a day safari also offers you to try sandboarding, dune bashing, camel rides, photography at the time of sunset, and a lot more. 

3- Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is one of the biggest and most beautiful natural flower gardens in the world. Visiting it in Dubai should be on your top priority list. It is located in the Dubailand area. This vast garden is spread across an area of over 72,000 square meters. Dubai miracle garden is a heaven for those who are nature lovers. This beautiful garden has over 45 million flowers and plants in it. But the garden is only open from mid of November to the mid of May. A thing that makes this garden miraculous is that it is in between the city of deserts. A tour of this garden can simply do wonders for your mood.

4- Atlantis the Palm

Atlantis is the first-ever resort to be built on Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai. It has its private sandy beach and 5-star amenities. It is a luxurious hotel with 1,539 rooms. It comes in the places of Dubai that are most famous to visit. It is home to some of the best adventure parks and aquariums in the world. Its aqua venture park is the largest waterpark in the middle east. It has attracted the eyes of many tourists and visitors. Atlantis provides you unique features like an underwater aquarium and the opportunity to swim with dolphins. Palm Atlantis is one of the most famous attraction destinations of the world for tourists. 

5- Wild Wadi Waterpark

It is an outdoor waterpark in Dubai and is one of the premier water parks of Dubai. It is being operated by Jumeirah International. It is located in front of the archetypical Burj Al Arab. Its theme is based on the Juha, which is the character from the very popular folktale nights of Arabians. It is the best place, especially for children. They will have a fun time in the park, jumping and playing with water all around. It also offers you various water rides where you have a completely worthy time. Apart from these rides, the wild wadi water park also gives you a wonderful suffering experience. 

6- Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame is one of the most popular and beautiful tourist places in Dubai. It is the largest frame structure in the world that is inspired by the logo of the upcoming world expo which is to be held in Dubai. This massive frame has a height of 150m and its breadth is 93m. It is located in Zabeel Park. This frame acts as some of the greatest architectural marvels of the city including Burj Khalifa. It also acts as a bridge between Dubai’s past and present overlooking two perspectives i.e. the old districts of Dubai from the North and the modern cityscape from the South. That’s why it is among the best places in Dubai to see.

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These are some of the most beautiful places in Dubai to visit and explore. Dubai has many more places and sights for its tourists and visitors to see and enjoy. You should visit these and make your trip more memorable.

Photo by Ethan Wilkinson from Pexels

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