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Four Best Live Game Streaming Platforms


Whether you enjoy watching others play video games or you want to broadcast the games you play and turn your hobby into an interactive experience where you gain followers and monetize your streams; there are four primary live game streaming platforms you can use. Twitch and YouTube Gaming are the big two. But smaller streaming sites like Hitbox.tv, and Mirrativ are beginning to give the big platforms a run for their money.


Since Twitch launched in 2011, it has rapidly grown to become the number one platform for live streaming games. Both professional gamers and hobbyists can share their demos, walk-throughs, and speed runs with viewers all over the world. A broad range of games is streamed live or via video on demand on Twitch, including esports tournaments and casino games. The most popular games streamed on the platform are Fortnite, League of Legends, and Dota 2. As of February 2020, Twitch had around three million broadcasters and 15 million daily users. So, if you want to watch live games, you are sure to find your favourites on the streaming site. However, if you are going to broadcast games yourself, you have a lot of gamers to compete with to get your live stream noticed. Plenty of Twitch slot streamers and video game streamers do create popular streams, though. Some streamers have thousands of followers. For instance, the German streamer known as ROSHSTEIN has more than 400,000 followers.

YouTube Gaming

In 2015, YouTube hit back hard at Twitch by launching its own live game streaming service: YouTube Gaming. You can find the platform on the main YouTube site under “More from YouTube.” YouTube Gaming makes it easy to find and watch an endless number of live gaming streams. Simply search for your favourite video games using the YouTube Gaming database. You can also broadcast your own live gaming streams on any type of device, from desktops to mobiles. YouTube Gaming prides itself on high-quality streams, and it is also simple for content creators to monetize their streams.


Hitbox.tv is giving large streaming services a run for their money. The indie alternative to platforms like Twitch and YouTube Gaming may not have as many features or users as those sites, but it is successfully carving out its own niche with a friendly atmosphere and some clever streaming elements. It has a wide variety of streaming options, and fans can support streamers directly. But with a less populated community, you will not be able to find the same range of games you can view on the big live streaming platforms. However, plenty of favourites are streamed on Hitbox.tv, such as Counter Strike, Heroes of the Storm, and various esports games. Furthermore, you can find lots more indie games on Hitbox.tv than you can find on the big streaming sites. But the main disadvantage of Hitbox.tv is mobile streaming is unavailable.


Whereas Hitbox.tv does not enable mobile streaming, Mirrativ is cornering the market for entirely mobile live game streaming. While video game streaming is typically limited to games played on PCs and consoles, Mirrativ makes it possible to stream and watch mobile games. You can broadcast whatever is happening on the screen of your Android or tablet. And Mirrativ is incredibly simple to use. Mirrativ is not limited to game streaming, though. You can share pretty much anything that you have on your mobile devices, such as texts and videos. So, whether you want to demonstrate how to use a new app or show off your skills by playing your favourite video game on a mobile device, Mirrativ is the ideal platform.

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