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Burlington mayor declares State of Emergency to slow COVID-19


Burlington, ON. March 21, 2020 – Burlington Mayor Marianne Meed Ward has declared a State of Emergency for her city.

A big reason for the new declaration is out of concern that residents have become complacent and are not heeding the advice from public health officials about social distancing and self-isolation.


“While I thank our many residents who are heeding expert medical advice, we have noticed there is still some complacency in our community around the need to self-isolate, to engage in social distancing and to only go outside for essentials, such as food and medical needs or appointments,” said Mayor Meed Ward.

By declaring a State of Emergency, the Mayor wants to send the strongest possible message to Burlington residents to stay home. “Self-isolation means not visiting friends and family, not organizing play dates for your children or pick-up games in our parks and neighbourhoods, and not congregating on the street,” said Mayor Meed Ward.

Under the State of Emergency the Mayor has declared that all local malls and non-essential businesses must close for the time being.

The Mayor also echoed sentiments being voiced by other Ontario city mayors and on social media and that is not to hoard. “I continue to appeal to our residents to resist the urge to hoard,” said Marianne Meeed Ward. “Clearing out your local grocery store of all its frozen and canned foods, and essential supplies is neither necessary nor helpful to others. Take what you need and remember that restocking will happen. I ask anyone who owns or manages an essential service to please consider setting per-person limits on essential items and to ask customers to engage in social distancing while they are shopping in your stores,” stated Meed Ward.

The Burlington mayor also mentioned the tragic death of a 51-year-old Milton man earlier this week.

“On behalf of Council and the City of Burlington, our hearts go out to his family and we send them, and those who knew him, our deepest condolences,” said Mayor Meed Ward. “While it is still unknown exactly how he contracted COVID-19, our Halton Region Public Health Department has said there is evidence the virus is spreading through community contact. This increases the urgency around the need for social distancing and self-isolation.”

Mayor Meed Ward says “Declaring an emergency is a necessary step in the right direction to effectively slow down the spread of this pandemic throughout our city.”

Ontario confirmed 128 news cases of COVID-19 today bringing the province’s total up to 368, with 7239 currently under investigation.

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