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Canadian designer Tabitha Osler debuts recycled raincoat collection— Perfect for Back to School


TORONTO, ON., Sept. 8, 2020 — You know that case of 24 plastic water bottles you have stashed away? They could be turned into a kid’s raincoat!

Canadian fashion designer Tabitha Osler is the founder of Fairechild Makewear Limited in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, where she turns recycled plastic water bottles into 100% recycled, 100% waterproof raincoats, rain pants and dungarees. It takes 19 plastic bottles to make one raincoat!

Fairechild just launched the AW20(Autumn/Winter) Plein Air Collection which celebrates the beauty of nature through painterly hues of Old-World featuring heritage patterns and sustainable textiles.

“I am an advocate of getting outside–an ambassador for puddle jumping, if you will,” says Tabitha on her website. “I am also a designer and most importantly, a mother.”

Tabitha holds a master’s degree in Fashion Design and worked in luxury women’s wear prior to launching her own company. Inspired by her daughter, Tabitha turned her focus to creating a line of sustainable rain gear made from 100% recycled materials. While helping to save the environment, these trendy fashions will encourage to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors–puddle jumping and all!

“Our mission is to be champions of the circular economy, to use thoughtful design, transparent sourcing and responsible production practices to inspire positive environmental and social change to influence the fashion industry,” continues Tabitha. “We provide high performing outerwear while placing the planet as a top priority.”

Made in gorgeous colours, solids and prints, kids will love wearing these raincoats and showing them off to their friends! The rain gear is also washable and durable. In fact, the Fairechild company says their rain gear has “hand-me-down quality—once your child has outgrown their Fairechild garment, give it to a friend or family member, or you can join our Take Back Program and send it back to us and we take responsibility for recycling it.”

You and your child can even have matching raincoats—Fairechild also makes adult sizes!

Although the garments are not yet available in stores in the GTA, you can order them online at www.fairechild.com.

story by Laurie Wallace-Lynch

2019 Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC) Certificate of Excellence Third Place Best Food and Drink Feature

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