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Car insurance? 5 steps to follow


Car insurance – Getting into a car accident – even a minor one – can be scary and stressful. While it’s easy to become overwhelmed, focusing on what you need to do next can help you stay safe and calm.

Here are the five steps to take immediately following an accident:

1. Pull over. Safety should be your number one priority. Find a secure spot in the area near your accident and move your car out of the way of any oncoming traffic or pedestrians.

2. Call emergency services. If anyone has been injured, call emergency services right away and wait for first responders to take appropriate action before doing anything else. Even if no injuries have been sustained, you should let the police know about your accident – just make sure to call the non-emergency line.

3. Exchange information. If the accident involved another person, exchange contact and insurance information. Take photos of the other person’s ID, registration and insurance policy so you don’t miss any important details. Also take pictures of any damage sustained to your vehicle.

4. Write it down. While the incident is still fresh in your mind, write down important details like the date, time, a description of what happened and the name and contact information of any witnesses present.

5. Contact your insurer. No matter how minor the accident, give your insurance company a call. They will be able to advise you on how to proceed and can help you make a claim if you need to.

Insurance companies like Belairdirect can help you navigate the stressful process of making a claim and can even provide support when you are filing a report. Find more information online at belairdirect.com


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