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Cost Implications of Cabinet Installations in Toronto


Cabinets in your home are great for storage and whether they are bathroom cabinets or kitchen cabinets, you’ll notice that they form an important part of your décor as well as your utilizable space in your home. Though cabinets are generally used for storage, it is their placement around the house that makes them fully utilizable. They are supposed to be easily accessible (Not too high or too low), and not interfere with your open spaces. In this article, we examine the cost implications of installing cabinets in Toronto.

Why Cabinet Installations Are Important

Kitchens are the focal point of every dwelling, whether a condo or townhouse. Here you will find a pleasant atmosphere in which to try out exotic cuisines or simply relax with a bowl of your favourite comfort food. Every Toronto resident has fantasized about coming home to a fully functional, user-friendly, and uniquely designed kitchen. Hire a kitchen remodelling expert in your neighbourhood to help you make over your cooking space. Get a free, personalized estimate, tailored to your exact needs, from a local pro for any kitchen project, from installing new appliances to updating the flooring.

Average Costs of Cabinet installation in Toronto

Installing a semi or fully-custom kitchen in a standard-sized home might cost anywhere from $13,000 to $30,000 or more. Most homeowners spend between $1,900 and $9,741 on cabinet installation, with the average cost being $5,823. In some instances, the cost can go as high as $10000 depending on the costs of materials used. Some types of wood are more expensive than others and they also require a more experienced hand to curve and install them.

The price per linear foot might range from $100 to $1,500, depending on whether you go with stock, semi-custom, or custom. The cost of materials alone for stock, semi-custom, and custom cabinets ranges from $50 to $650. The key criteria that affect the price are dimensions, quality, and personalization.

Factors Affecting Costs Of Cabinet Installations

There are several factors that affect the overall costs of cabinet installation. For starters, cost of labour varies significantly based on location, expertise and styling. Not all cabinets look the same and the more complex your cabinet design the more you will pay.

Another major factor affecting costing is the material used to make your cabinets. Since most cabinets are made of wood, then the price variance will rely on the type of wood used. In Toronto, the most popular wood choices are red oak, cherry, birch, white oak, hard maple, hickory, ash or pine.

Lastly, the styling of your kitchen cabinets also affects the overall costs. Interior designers have different styling, and depending on your tastes and preferences, the styling can be cost friendly or expensive. There are Contemporary styles ultramodern, as well as open-faced styles and these are just a few of the many design options for cabinets.

Traditional wood kitchens are sturdy and long-lasting, but today’s engineered woods with ornamental veneers offer even more ways to make your new kitchen uniquely yours. You can seek advice on what will work best for your space and budget from a professional installation or decorator.

How Material and Design Affects The Overall Pricing

You can expect to spend about 25% to 50% on cabinet materials and the rest can go towards labour and transportation. The time spent working on a project might add up to three times the price of the raw materials. Materials may account for even less of the total cost when the job is highly customized and uses high-end components like exotic hardwoods that are manufactured on-site. Some semi custom materials will cost you about $150 to $800, whereas custom materials will set you back about $350 to $750 per foot.

If you are looking to save some costs, then consider using laminate or thermo foil which could help in protecting the underlying wood. Laminate can also help to offset costs by covering poorer quality wood. These non-wood options are typically sturdy and look like wood. However, they are costly to repair and rarely live up to the quality of real wood in appearance.

Standardized Cabinets

Cabinets from a stock are priced between $50 and $200 per linear foot, or $100 and $650 per unit. It’s possible to strike it rich every once in a while. You may be able to pick from a few different hues or trim variations within the stock category. Since they are produced in such massive quantities, their prices are remarkably inexpensive.

Prices for semi-custom cabinets typically range from $75 per linear foot to $400 per linear foot, or $150 per unit to $800 or more. As a happy medium between stock and custom, these have the best of both worlds in terms of cost and adaptability.

You may find cabinets to suit even the most unusual of spaces and design whims. However, you should expect to see dollar signs. This is a one-of-a-kind item, possibly more akin to art than a piece of furniture.

Refacing and Refinishing Cabinets

The costs also change when refacing old cabinets. It requires a high level of skill to reface old cabinets as compared to installing new ones. Kitchen cabinet refacing is a cost-effective and straightforward alternative to replacing aging cabinets. A professional will carefully remove the cabinet fronts and drawers without damaging the cabinet boxes. They’ll sand everything down so you may repaint or laminate it in the color, finish, and style of your choosing.

Refacing your cabinets will give them a whole new look while preserving their original framework. After finishing the refurbishing, the expert will reinstall the doors and drawers.The average cost of cabinet refacing in Toronto is $8,227. This price might vary greatly depending on the amount of cabinet doors and drawers, as well as the preferred refinishing method.

The price of cabinet refacing can vary widely from $1,450 to $14,500, with an average cost of $7,150. However, according to experts, you can refresh the style of your kitchen while saving up to 50% on a new installation. It’s also possible to preserve the cabinets themselves but update their doors and hardware.

Reusing the boxes you already have and just replacing the fronts is a waste-reducing option that is also kind to the environment. Typically, you should expect to pay around $3,000 to have your cabinetry refinished. A less wasteful approach to improve your kitchen’s aesthetic without breaking the bank. Refinishing, on the other hand, doesn’t hold up as well as refacing or replacement.

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