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COVID-19 Daily Update: Ontario reports 20 cases less, 3 fewer deaths than Sunday


TORONTO, ON., APRIL 13, 2020 – Today, Ontario reported 20 fewer cases 3 fewer deaths than yesterday. And yesterday the province reported fewer cases and deaths than Saturday, April 10th. Today’s Ontario total now stands at 7,470, an increase of 401 from yesterday. Sadly, Ontario public health officials also reported 17 more deaths bringing the Ontario’s death toll up to 291.

Of the deaths 183 or 15.9% have been people aged 80 and older and 89 deaths or 5% have been people aged 60-79. Also, 18 people aged 40-59 have passed away due to COVID-19 and 1 person has succumbed to the virus between the ages of 20 and 39.

Public health officials said today there are 1,534 cases under investigation and the number of hospitalized patients in Ontario due to the virus has increased from 738 to 760. While the number of patients in ICU is two more than yesterday rising to 263. Today, there are 203 patients currently on ventilators, which is down 19 from yesterday.

The good news is that Ontario is finally testing more with over 5,000 people tested yesterday inching closer to a goal of testing 8,000 by Wednesday April 15 set by Premier Doug Ford, who also wants the province to be at 12,000 plus tests by April 22. Today, Premier Ford said the first priority is to have ever person living and working at long-term care homes as well as all frontline workers tested. 108,230 have been tested in Ontario so far.

Long-term care homes have been getting hit hard with outbreaks. There were 10 more outbreaks since yesterday’s report, bringing the number up to 89 reported outbreaks at this point. There have now been 120 deaths related to long-term care homes up from 109 a day ago. 39 of the outbreaks have been at long-term care homes in Toronto and sadly there have been 50 deaths reported in Toronto’s long-term care homes.

Greater Toronto Area public health units account for 53.9% of cases, while Within Toronto, there are now 2,362 confirmed cases of COVID-19 including 92 deaths reported by Toronto Public Health. There are 210 people hospitalized in Toronto, and there are 80 people in intensive care units.

When asked why the city is still seeing such high numbers in spite of all the social and physical distancing measures, Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Eileen de Villa says, “The virus has an incubation period of up to 14 days. This means that if you are exposed to the virus and infected today, you may not know for as long as 2 weeks. This is why I continue to remind everyone to stay home. The measures that have been put in place take time to work.”

Dr. de Villa also shared some positive news, saying that “we are starting to see that our stringent outbreak control measures are starting to have a positive effect. In long-term care homes that had a high number of cases, the rate of new infections is slowing. I want to recognize the tremendous effort these outbreak measures involve. Hundreds of staff across all our long-term care homes are working together tirelessly and are committed to protecting and caring for our loved ones.”

The Ontairo report includes the most current information available from the integrated Public Health Information System (iPHIS) as of 4 p.m. April 12, 2020. While the Toronto Public Health report is from Dr, Eileen de Villa at 3:45 pm today.

Total COVID-19 cases in Canada Monday, April 13

Canada saw a lower increase in reported cases from yesterday with 421 more cases of COVID-19 bringing its total to 24,804 including 17 more deaths, 100 fewer than yesterday’s increase bringing the total of deaths up to 734. With 328, Quebec now has overtaken Ontario with the most deaths due to COVID-19, while Ontario has 291 coronavirus-related deaths. British Columbia had zero recorded deaths yesterday and remains at 58 reported deaths due to COVID-19. Quebec by far is surging with the most cases of COVID-19 with 12,846 yesterday and today’s numbers have not been updated. Ontario is second highest at 7,470 and as of yesterday Alberta is ahead of BC with 1,651 cases while BC now has 1,445 and the rest of the provinces have below 300 cases each with Saskatchewan the highest of those provinces at 298. Western Canada case counts will be updated later today.

Number of COVID-19 cases around the world Monday, April 13

Worldwide today, there was a smaller jump than yesterday with 50,410 more cases today bringing the total up to 1,910,283 cases of COVID-19 as of 2:00 pm April 15, 2020 as reported by the World Health Organisation. Of those cases there have been 4,203 more deaths bringing the death toll to to over one hundred thousand worldwide with 118,546 deaths and 440,475 recoveries.

The United States by far has the most cases of COVID-19 worldwide jumping from 556,044 to 577,729, followed by Spain with 169,496 while Italy has the third most cases with 159,516 while France is next with 136,779 reported cases of novel coronavirus. Germany now has 128,208 cases. The UK jumped another 4,342 to 88,621, which is the second highest increase other than the U.S. which reported 17,429 cases yesterday. China had 108 more cases bringing them to 82,160. Iran now has 73,303, Turkey has 61,049 cases and Belgium is at 30,589. Meanwhile, Netherlands had 964 more cases bringing its total to 26,551 while Switzerland is at 25,688. Canada is very close behind now at 25,552. Brazil is the only other country with more than 20,000 cases (22,720) and they are followed by Russia which overtook Portugal at 18,328. Porugal has 16,234 cases. The rest of the world has reported fewer than 15,000 cases of COVID-19.

In terms of deaths, the United States reported 1,010 additional deaths yesterday bringing its total to 23,115 coronavirus-related deaths. Italy has had 20,465 deaths followed by Spain with 17,489, Frnace with 14,967 and then the United Kingdom with 11,329 deaths caused by COVID-19.

These world numbers can be found at worldometers.info

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