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COVID-19: Food Banks need Public’s help to ensure neighbours have food


Food Banks need Public’s help (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mississauga Food Bank released a statement to say it is working to ensure those living in poverty can continue to access food. They anticipate an increase in clients looking for support in the coming weeks and will require $840,000 to keep the shelves stocked during this crisis – $360,000 more than anticipated.

Food Banks need Public’s help

The Food Bank is asking the public to support with cash donations to ensure that:

  • When vulnerable families can’t afford to stock up on food, the Food Bank will have enough for them
  • If some food bank locations in Mississauga are forced to close, the Food Bank can provide special emergency distribution right to families
  • With schools closed for three weeks, the Food Bank can distribute meals and snacks to kids who usually receive them at school or in before/after school clubs
  • Even though many groups have cancelled their planned food drives and fundraising events, shelves will be stocked for anyone who may need food
  • The Food Bank can purchase food when food donations are not being made

“We rely on community donations year-round, but we need an additional $360,000 now during this crisis to ensure our most vulnerable have food to eat,” said Meghan Nicholls, executive director of The Mississauga Food Bank. “For those who are able, please consider a special donation to help your neighbours.”

Donations can be made at 905-270-5589, themississaugafoodbank.org, or by mail at 3121 Universal Drive, Mississauga, L4X 2E2.

For those in Mississauga who need to access food due to financial hardship, please visit themississaugafoodbank.org to find your nearest food program.

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