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COVID-19: TTC changes policies to help slow the spread of coronavirus


TORONTO, ON. March 18, 2020 – Today the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) has announced that it will be altering some of its policies in order to slow the spread or flatten the curve of COVID-19.

Over the next 24 hours direction will be given to allow all-door boarding on all vehicles in order to avoid “pinch points” and allow for social distancing. TTC customers are instructed to still tap their PRESTO cards when boarding a vehicle or entering a station.

The next change being implemented is when community housing clients are identified as COVOD-19 symptomatic, Wheel-Trans will transport the patents to a healthcare centre for testing and then to an isolation centre if required. Wheel=Trans operators undertaking this procedure will be wearing Personal Protective Equipment as will patients as outlined by Toronto Public Health. Afterwards the dedicated vehicles will undergo intense cleaning protocols.

TTC also states that if their employees choose to wear their own masks while working they are permitted to do so even though Toronto Public Health advises against wearing masks if the individual is healthy.

The TTC determined that for the comfort of employees, and to ensure continuity of transit service for those who need it at this time, it will not restrict employees from wearing masks while working.

Wheel-Trans operators will have access to properly fitted masks for hospital trips.

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