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COVID-19 update: Ontario reports highest daily death count, 459 more new cases


TORONTO, ON., April 30, 2020 – Today, Ontario is reporting a devastating daily death toll. With 86 more people losing their lives to COVID-19, this sadly marks another record-high death daily count for the province.

Today’s death toll far exceeds Tuesday’s daily-high count by 27 more deaths, raising Ontario’s total death count by 56 to a grim 1,082 deaths as of 4 pm yesterday.

On the somewhat positive side, the number COVID-19 cases newly reported by Ontario is still declining. Although somewhat higher than yesterday’s lowest daily count of of 347, the Ministry of Health reported 459 new cases of the virus, which is an average number for this week, but lower than in previous weeks. This week’s numbers 476, 434, 424, 525 and 347 respectively, whereas six days ago the province recorded a whopping 640 new cases when they began ramping up the testing. There are 16,187 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ontario reported to date.

If the numbers continue to decline over the next couple of week’s, government officials have said the province can begin to reopen in phases.

Also today, when asked about the prospect of cottage season about to begin, Dr. David Williams, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer says the province is trying to assess the risks of going up to the cottages. Risk of infection in smaller communities is a major concern, along with the more rural healthcare systems not being able to handle additional patients if cottagers go up and then develop symptoms.

Meanwhile, the 12,928 tests completed by the Province yesterday are the most they have completed in one 24-hour period. This means Ontario is very close to its goal of 14,000 by April 29 with the aim of testing 16,000 people a day by May 6.

The grim situation at long-term care centres and retirement homes continues as province-wide, sadly 530 of the 1,082 deaths have occurred at long-term care centres, and an additional 67 deaths occurring in retirement homes have been reported. The total number of cases in the care homes keeps rising both in residents and staff to 3,464, of which 2,352 are residents and 1,108 are staff members. There have been nine more outbreaks within long-term care homes increasing the total number of COVID-19 outbreaks to 190.

Hospitals have also reported 194 staff cases of COVID-19 as well as 27 deaths. There now have been 57 outbreaks in Ontario hospitals, which is up 2 from yesterday.

In terms of true stats from today’s numbers, which are from April 29 as of 4:00 pm, Unfortunately, number of hospitalized patients in Ontario due to the virus is still rising as 22 more people were admitted yesterday bringing the total up to 999. Meanwhile the number of patients in ICU has dropped for the fourth straight day from 245 to 239 to 235 and now 233, Today, there are also 181 patients currently on ventilators, which has dropped by 5 since yesterday and this number has been dropping for the past four days. Also of note, 2,292 of the total 16,187 cases are healthcare workers.

Ontario daily COVID-19 case counts past 10 days

April 20 – 606, April 21 – 551, April 22 – 510, April 23 – 634, April 24 – 640, April 25 – 476, April 26 – 437, April 27 – 424, April 28 – 525, April 29 – 347, April 30 – 459.

Greater Toronto Area and Toronto COVID-19 case numbers

Greater Toronto Area public health units account for 59.5% of cases, of which 2,297 exist in Peel, 452 in Halton, 936 in Durham, and 1,490 in York.

Meanwhile as of 11:00 am today, Dr. Eileen de Villa and Toronto Public Health says there are 5,551 people infected with COVID-19 in Toronto. There were 191 new cases reported and sadly 19 more deaths. “We have 354 people in hospital and 111 in ICU. In total, we have lost 366 Torontonians to this virus,” said Dr. de Villa,

Dr. de Villa gave her opinion for CP24 viewers today on Ontario’s framework plan for reopening the province. “There are many of us here in this city that are looking forward to moving from COVID response to COVID recovery,” said Dr. de Villa. “They’ve (the Province) talked about the kind of things that need to be seen. We want to see more control of the disease. We want to make sure that there’s healthcare and public health capacity and that we have appropriate surveillance and testing mechanisms in place before we move definitively towards recovery.”

Total COVID-19 cases and deaths in Canada Thursday, April 30 at 7 pm – 53,236 cases, 3,184 deaths

Canada has reported 2,863 new cases of COVID-19 today, bringing the total to 53,236 cases of COVID-19 including 280 (142 more than yesterday) more deaths than yesterday the Canada’s death toll up to 3,184 deaths. With 1,859, Quebec has sustained the most COVID-19 related deaths in Canada. As mentioned earlier, Ontario has now reported 1,082 coronavirus-related deaths, while British Columbia has now reached 111 deaths due to COVID-19. Quebec by far also has the most cases of COVID-19 with an increase of more then 2,000 cases since yesterday, bringing their total up to 27,538 while Ontario is second highest at 16,187. The two provinces account for more than 50% of Canada’s COVID-19 case count. Alberta is now at 5,355 cases while BC saw a bit of a reported 59 more cases, bringing its total number of COVID-19 cases up to 2,112. Saskatchewan now has 389 reported cases while the rest of the Canadian provinces have well below 300.

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