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COVID-19 update: Ontario reports record-high number of deaths, fewer cases for third straight day


TORONTO, ON., APRIL 27, 2020 – Today, Ontario reported fewer cases for the third straight day. 424 cases of COVID-19 were reported by 33 public health units across Ontario at 4 pm yesterday. The province of Ontario reported a record-high 640 new cases on Friday but since Friday, Ontario public health units have reported a steady decline with 476, 434 and now 424 cases. Ontario has now reported 14,856 cases of COVID-19. Sadly, today Ontario reported a record 57 more deaths, which is more than double the 24 deaths reported yesterday, and raises the death toll to 892 with 8,525 recoveries.

Meanwhile, as the case count is going down, the number of people being tested has increased, and Sunday the province completed a record 12,550 tests, marking the first time Ontario has met or exceeded their goal of 12,500 daily tests by April 22. The province is aiming to be testing 16,000 people a day by May 6.

Sadly, things continue to be grim in long-term care homes as province-wide 671 of the 892 deaths have occurred at long-term care centres, which is a huge increase of 174 deaths since yesterday, and the total number of cases in the care homes has risen to 3,710 of which 2,523 are residents and 1,187 are staff members. There have been 170 outbreaks within long-term care homes.

Hospitals have also reported 308 staff cases of COVID-19 as well as 19 deaths. There now have been 54 outbreaks in Ontario hospitals, which is up 9 from yesterday.

In terms of true stats from today’s numbers, which are really from April 27 as of 10:30 am, Ontario Public Health officials said today the number of hospitalized patients in Ontario due to the virus now has increased by 8 to 945, while the number of patients in ICU has dropped to 241, down from 252 yesterday. Today, there are also 191 patients currently on ventilators, which has dropped slightly from yesterday. Also of note, 2,016 of the total 14,586 cases are healthcare workers.

Greater Toronto Area and Toronto COVID-19 case numbers

Greater Toronto Area public health units account for 59.4% of cases, of which 2,039 exist in Peel, 413 in Halton, 806 in Durham, and 1,289 in York.

Meanwhile as of 11:00 am yesterday Toronto Public Health says 4,798 cases have been reported in Toronto along with 278 deaths. There have been 94 outbreaks in institutions and 364 cases have recoveredwhile 316 people are in hospital (16 more than yesterday), and 110 people are in intensive care.

Total COVID-19 cases and deaths in Canada Monday, April 27 at 11 am – 47,327 cases, 2,617 deaths

Canada has reported a total to 47,327cases of COVID-19 including 2,617 deaths. With 1,515, Quebec has sustained the most COVID-19 related deaths in Canada while Ontario has now had 892 coronavirus-related deaths. British Columbia has now reached 100 deaths due to COVID-19. Quebec by far also has the most cases of COVID-19 with 24,107 while Ontario is second highest at 14,856 and Alberta is now well ahead of BC with 4,488 cases while BC saw a bit of a jump and now has 1,948 reported cases of COVID-19. Saskatchewan now has 353 reported cases while the rest of the Canadian provinces have well below 300.

Number of COVID-19 cases and deaths around the world Monday April 27, 2020 at 11:31 am

Worldwide today, the numbers overall continue to decline. There are 2,995,456 cases of COVID-19, which is up 109,048 since Saturday at 5:30 pm as reported by the Johns Hopkins University. Of those cases there are have been 11,663 more deaths, which on average is also less than Saturday’s numbers, bringing the worldwide up to 207,583 from 195,920 deaths on Saturday.

The United States by far has the most cases of COVID-19 worldwide jumping from 933,933 to 968,203 followed by Spain with 229,422 while Italy has the third most cases with 197,675 and France, although their case count is slowing down, remains ahead of Germany with 162,220 reported cases of novel coronavirus. Germany now has 158,142 cases followed by the United Kingdom seems to also be slowing in case reports with 154,038Turkey is now at 110,130 while Iran has 91,472, followed by Russia continues to report increased case numbers with 87,147 yesterday. China has only report 11 new cases in the past two days and now says they have 83,901, while Brazil sis now reporting 63,328 cases. Canada ris slowing in case reports with 47,182 cases and the same goes for Belgium which now has 46,687 cases of COVID-19. Netherlands has reported 38,440 total cases of the virus followed by Switzerland which is also continuing to slow in case count with 29,164 cases. India continues to report more cases as they have gone above 25 thousand with 28,380.

In terms of deaths, the numbers all appear to be increasing slower since Saturday. The United States reported 52,234 Saturday and now stands at 55,564 coronavirus-related deaths. New York City alone has reported 17,280 deaths but they seem to have really slowed the spread now. Italy has had 26,444 deaths followed by Spain with 23,521, France with 22,856 and then the United Kingdom with 20,732 deaths caused by COVID-19.

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