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Criteria for choosing a reliable service to have essays written


Looking for a quality writing service to rely on? Use our criteria for choosing the most trustworthy one.

References Online

It is a digital, online world, and if something doesn’t exist online, it doesn’t exist at all. It happens that you get impressed by an advertisement of a particular service which new at the market, and later you can’t find it anywhere. It is not yet indexed by Google, it is not on all those “feedback and references” sites. The prices are nice, and even the design is fine, but you don’t have any additional information from the outside. Let’s be clear, it is not a good sign if you need to choose a quality writing service for your academic needs. Try to focus your search on companies which are older than 2 years, and are well represented online. You are looking for a feedback like this (taken from a real website with references): “When I have no time to write a paper on my own, I can pay someone to write my essay for me, and generally I chose this service because prices are low and the quality is very good. Thank you, guys.

Note! Don’t get discouraged if a writing service you like has some negative reviews about it. There is no such thing as a perfect writing service, so you should just choose the one which positive sides overweight negative sides for you.

Design and Overall Impression

The design is not supposed to be fancy, but it also should not be like from the previous century. Of course, there are some old writing services you know about which have been there for years, and the design is not very modern, but mostly, you need to look for a writing company with a fresh-looking website that attracts your attention.

Note! You have to listen to your intuition too. Of course, this advice sounds a little too obvious or even awkward, but it is worth noting that sometimes we just feel what is right.  

Your Friends’ Recommendations

Asking friends is not always an option in such cases, but if it is fine in your circle, then you should definitely use this opportunity to get a good advice on quality writing service. You should ask lots of extra questions, not only “how do you find this or that writing service?” We all tend to simplify, and the simple “fine” answer actually means nothing, gives you too little information.

Note! Ask about practical details, like price, confidentiality, extra services, etc. Of course, it shouldn’t become an hour-long discussion, but it also should not be just a two-minute talk.

Writers Working for This Service

There is no way you get exhaustive information about the writers hired by the particular service, but you can look for some and find some answers. First, it is good when a company gives some details on writers, on hiring process, on stages of tests, etc./ It may seem to you that every service would do it to attract customers, but actually only a very small number of agencies tell about their hiring process.

Note! Some services offer you to pay extra $5-15 and see writer’s previous works. We recommend to use this option when it comes to some serious assignments, like research papers, term papers, etc.

Guarantees Offered

You want your experience to be guaranteed and it is only natural. To make sure you will have a stellar result with your order, check on guarantees sections before you buy a paper. You should make sure that Confidentiality is guaranteed, and Money-Back Guarantee is there, so you get a full or partial refund in case something goes wrong.

Note! If you can’t find guarantees section, look at Terms and Conditions. If you can’t find it there too, it is better to look for another, more reliable service.

Once you find a writing service that really satisfies your needs, we advise you to use it again and again, because this way you will get better prices due to the discount programs.


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