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CRM Software Security: Protecting Client Data & Privacy


CRM Software has certainly become one of the more needed tools for businesses. It’s used to build and maintain client relationships and effectively assist teams to understand clients better. With the amount of data collected using a CRM software system like Planfix, it is necessary to have security measures in place. Failure to protect this valuable information can lead to legal and financial problems and can damage the reputation of your business.

What is Data Security

CRM data security can be explained as a measure that is put in place to make sure that client data like their names, phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses and interaction details such as purchase history, preferences and feedback are kept protected against unauthorized access, loss or corruption of data. For a Planfix system to be accessible anywhere on any device with a connection to the internet, a cloud base is normally acquired.

Tips For Data Security

We know that if you are new to CRM software solutions, it can feel a bit tricky. Below we have some measures to ensure client data security.

Password Management

The password is basically the first line of defense and if a weak password is used it could compromise the whole operation, so make use of strong passwords. It is recommended to not only use numerical characters or alphabetical symbols, but to mix it up with signs such as @ or , #, %, “, > or even +. For example something like: “P4ssW0rD” or “P@55word”. Employees should be trained for password setup to avoid exposing the company to risk.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication is a layer of security that is added to the current setup. It helps to have two or more ways to log into the system and may include something a user knows (like a password), something they have (a security token such as one-time pass code) and maybe even something they are (biometric data such as fingerprint scan). All these factors can play a huge role in protecting the data and integrity of your business.

Data Encryption

Data encryption is explained as the process whereby plain text is converted into coded language and used to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access. This is made possible through algorithms and key scrambling. By doing this, the text that was originally written in, becomes unreadable as it’s transferred through the internet. A decryption key is needed to translate this corrupted information back into readable.

Access Monitoring

Access monitoring is the process of tracking and recording user activity on the CRM system and network. By monitoring user logins, file access and network traffic you can identify suspicious login activity, unusual data exports and detect high network traffic that might indicate cyber attacks. With this process you could hinder or eliminate such threats and confirm compliance to policies in play.

For additional insights into system status and performance, consider exploring services like oDown, which offers alternative perspectives and tools that might complement your existing monitoring strategies.


To backup the CRM system is a safety net to protect you from unexpected data loss or system failure. It permits you to restore the interruption and continue normal operations within a relatively short period or downtime if any. Having a backup of your system can additionally help you comply with industry regulations and improves trust within your company.

To finalize

Protecting client data should be a very high priority. Legal costs with failure to adhere could break your business beyond repair at the worst and damage your reputation at the least. So it is a must to implement several security measures to assure your client’s safety and protect your business. With Planfix integration, you can fortify your data protection efforts and enhance security protocols since Planfix offers advanced features and tools to effectively manage and secure client information, mitigating risks and ensuring compliance.

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