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Employment issues impacting Millennials


Employment issues impacting Millennials – Today, the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) is pleased to recognize and kick-off Canada Career Month. This month, which aims to increase awareness on issues pertaining to employment in Canada, is recognized across the country the employment issues impacting Millennials, and provides a valuable platform to address some of the concerns that exist when it comes to planning one’s career.

 “Making career-related decisions and transitions such as pursuing education/training, looking for suitable employment, balancing life/work roles and responsibilities, and preparing for retirement are faced by almost everyone at some point,” said CCPA National President, John Driscoll. “Now more than ever, Canadians are more frequently working in multiple jobs throughout their lifetimes, and navigating that process can be complicated and overwhelming. Career counsellors and the services that they provide can be extremely helpful for those seeking support.”

 Career counsellors, an essential component of CCPA’s membership, act as resources to those considering their educational paths, employment opportunities and life transitions. From facilitating self-awareness to reviewing labour market demands to helping determine educational requirements for a given sector, career counsellors play a crucial role in assisting those individuals entering the labour force for the first time, or those considering career changes at a later age.

 “Often, career counsellors meet with individuals who might not be satisfied in their current job, and want to explore new opportunities,” continued Driscoll. “Given the amount of time spent at one’s job and its impact on one’s mental health and well-being, it is critical that employment be as fulfilling as possible. Career counsellors help individuals discover and prioritize what is most important to them so they can explore work options that are personally meaningful and satisfying.”

 To find out more about activities taking place across Canada during Career Month, visit www.careermonth.ca. If you are looking for professional support, please visit www.ccpa-accp.ca, where you can search for a Canadian Certified Counsellor in your region. Members of the public can also find authoritative information about the profession of counselling and psychotherapy by visiting CCPA’s public website, www.talkingcanhelp.ca

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