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Five Crazy Foods To Try At CNE This Year


One of the biggest appeals of the annual CNE in Toronto is the crazy foods they come out each year. This year, they are offering everything from churro ice cream sandwiches to deep-fried chicken feet.

Here is a list of the creative foods:

  1. Sugar Mountain – A brownie topped with cheesecake topped with a white-chocolate-dipped sugar cone topped with a confetti donut topped with cotton candy, and dusted with powdered sugar. This may or may not give you diabetes.
  2. Deep Fried Chicken Feet – You’ve had fried chicken before, but have you ever tried fried chicken feet?
  3. Fried Mac and Curd Chimichanga – Curds along with molten mac and cheese into a tortilla and deep fries may not be for someone who’s trying to stay away from carbs.
  4. All-Canadian Red Hot Burger – This Burger Nation burger was made in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday, with a bright red bun made by Frank’s RedHot sauce.
  5. Dragon’s Breath Crepe – Want to get a “Game Of Thrones” food fix? This crepe on a stick is frozen using liquid nitrogen so that when eaten it creates a “dragon’s breath” effect that billows from your nose and mouth when you breathe.
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