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France welcomes visitors but a Health Pass is mandatory


Montreal, August 11, 2021— For Canadians and all other travellers planning their next visit to to France, whether it’s Paris, Brittany, Provence or perhaps even to see the chateaux and vineyards of the Loire Valley, keep in mind that the government of France has just announced a mandatory health pass system. France now requires vaccine recognition for international tourists who plan to visit France, as well as international travellers who live outside the European Union (EU) and are already in France.

Called the France Health Pass, the announcement was made by Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Secretary of State to the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, in charge of Tourism, French Nationals Living Abroad and Francophonie.

“International travellers outside the EU who are already in France, as well as those who arrive before August 15, will be prioritized in order to provide them with rapid access to the health pass.

Who requires a France Health pass

Proof of vaccination is already mandatory for travellers coming from or going to France since July 21, 2021 in all places intended for cultural, sports and leisure activities, as well as fairs and exhibitions receiving more than 50 people.

Where is the France Health Pass required

As of August 9, 2021 the France Health Pass will be required to visit bars and restaurants (except for company restaurants and take-away sales), both indoors and outdoors;
public transport (trains, buses, airplanes) for long distance travel.
The 50-person limit is repealed, which means that the health pass is required from the first customer, i.e. people over 18, in all these places and establishments. It will only be mandatory for teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17 as of September 30, 2021.

Atout France, the French tourist development agency, says that for the France Health Pass, “in order to facilitate the stay in France of tourists from outside the EU, the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs has set up a specific system to obtain a QR code for vaccination equivalence valid on French territory. Potential foreign tourists to France can apply for the passport by going to the France diplomatic website (www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/en), in which all the necessary documentation can be found.

Initially, this system is open to foreign tourists from outside Europe, already travelling in France or arriving by August 15, 2021. Applications for arrivals after this date will be considered at a later date.

Atout France also strongly recommends that prior to visiting France, tourists and visitors should consult the following websites in order to obtain the latest information about what’s happening in France and its current COVID situation: the COVID section of www.France.fr, the French embassy in Canada website (https://ca.ambafrance.org/-English- and the Canadian government website (https://voyage.gc.ca).

For information on travel destinations and experiences in France and its overseas destinations, visit France.fr.

Preparing your trip to France

To prepare for your trip to France, Atout France recommends that you check the latest information on the France.fr website – Covid section, but also refer to the following sources

Embassy of France in Canada https://ca.ambafrance.org/-English-
Canadian government website https://voyage.gc.ca/

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