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Online gambling 2023 – Top casino trends


Until recently, video games and online gambling seemed like two different entities. Video games require a high level of skill and usually do not require betting. Online gambling, on the other hand, requires betting and may or may not require a skill.

Today, however, many gamers are switching to online casino games through no-deposit bonuses. What inspired gamers to put away their controllers and start betting online? Below, we’ll talk about why gamers like betting online and the similarities between gambling and gaming.

If you are passionate about casino games, lotteries and/or sports betting, you need to learn more practical information about the world of gambling. Gambling entertainment (with real money) is officially allowed from age 21. Read this article to the end and you will learn how to register at legal slot gaming halls and licensed betting shops from 18.

What is online gambling sites NZ? Learn the history of gambling. What makes the industry so promising? Also, read about gambling addiction prevention in our review.

A brief history of the gambling industry

The history of gambling started even before the advent of writing, during the Paleolithic period. Excavations in Mesopotamia uncovered 6-sided dice from around 3,000 years BC.

It is also well known that in the 1st millennium B.C., China had and enjoyed great success with gambling houses. Wagers were made on fighting animals. In the 10th century (also in China), dominoes and bingo were invented.

Other interesting facts of history:

  • Ninth century AD – the first playing cards were invented in China;
  • XIV century – Japan began to create a variety of gambling games;
  • Seventeenth century – based on the game As-Nas (born in Persia) poker appeared, which later became the most popular card game in America.

1638 saw the opening of Ridotto, the first known casino in Venice, Italy. With the advent of the Internet, the industry also did not stand still and went online, so online casinos have become very popular worldwide.

Gambling in Britain

For many decades, Britons’ main form of recreation was gambling and betting on sports. Betting on horse races with and without jockeys was in particular demand. Later horse racing in Britain gave way to soccer, golf, tennis and boxing.

Gambling in the United States & Canada

Gambling industry is extremely actively developed and in the US and Canada. Even though the U.S. authorities in every way opposed gambling for money. For many years, visiting casinos, bookmakers and lottery companies was under an official ban. But this led only to the flourishing of the mafia and other criminal organisations.

Relaxation of the legislation aimed at banning gambling in the U.S., occurred only at the end of the twentieth century.

Meanwhile in Canada, there is a wide selection of land-based and online gambling. In fact, Canada had casinos as early as the 1990s, launching its first online casino back in 1994. The best gambling sites in Canada are available to players from various free and real money slots by trusted providers. In Ontario the Alcohol and Gaming Commission (AGCO) regulates lottery games conducted by OLG (Ontario Gaming Corporation). AGCO registers lotteries, sellers, and employees who participate in decision-making, supervision, training concerning lottery games, and supply gaming-related and non-gaming-related lottery equipment.

AGCO is also responsible for establishing the standards for conducting, managing, and operating lottery schemes, websites, plus other related activities.

Prospects for the gambling industry

iGaming is a sphere that is developing at an extremely fast pace. For example: Since 01.03.2021 the policy of the official app store for Android has been updated. Now not only citizens of Brazil, France, Britain and Ireland have access to apps related to betting and gambling on Google Play. But also users:

  • Japan, Finland, Sweden, Spain;
  • America, Romania, Norway, and New Zealand;
  • Mexico, Colombia, Canada, Denmark;
  • Germany, Belgium and Australia.

According to the British Gambling, Betting and Lotteries Authority, the COVID-19 pandemic has only galvanised the industry. Trapped at home, people began to spend more time on the global network looking for new forms of entertainment.

However, representatives of Entain reported that the real value of their company is at least 7% higher. Negotiations did not yield the result desired by both organisations. But in the end, the stock of Americans went down for a short period of time, and the British jumped by 27%.

For reference: Entain is a diversified network with land-based and virtual betting shops and casinos. The brand’s businesses and products could withstand the 2020 pandemic and disruptions without losing popularity. As for MGM Resorts’ offerings, mostly related to offline entertainment, demand for them dropped markedly last year.

Accordingly, the purchase of Entain would have given the American concern a great opportunity to “take a bite of its share of the pie” in the gambling industry. But MGM Resorts missed their chance because they underestimated the Brits.

At this point, there are several options for expansion companies:

  1. Entering the market under their name but with the support of a partner.
  2. Opening a representative office.

The first model is preferable when developing a technology platform capable of providing a competitive advantage in the segment. For many years already technologies have been given key attention: successful market entrance is possible, first of all, with investments in promotion, and an increase in brand awareness.

According to many professionals, opening a representative office is morally obsolete and no longer a reasonable option for expansion.

Gambling regulation in different states

The most prestigious Lottery, Betting, and Gaming Regulatory Commissions are considered regulators in jurisdictions:

  • Britain;
  • Gibraltar;
  • Malta.

Bookmakers and lottery organisers in each of these states for casinos will have relatively low tax rates.

The future of gamers in online gambling

Online gambling has become very attractive to console and computer gamers. It offers similar elements to gambling but with unique advantages such as jackpots and real money prizes. This package of benefits attracts more and more video gamers every year. Therefore, more and more players are becoming active customers of reliable gaming clubs such as True Blue Australia casino.

We expect this trend to continue in the coming years, with many gamers entering the online betting scene.

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