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Getting level one (G1) driving license in Ontario


There are different driver license programs in each province in Canada. Getting a driving license in Ontario, an individual must be subjected to a graduated license program, which comprises several steps. In Ontario, G license is the name given to a full license, while other progressive steps are named G1 and G2, respectively.

This article will discuss all the necessities for driving in Ontario for new drivers, visitors, or basically new residents in Ontario.

The Requirements

First things first, any person that is permitted by the authorities to drive in Ontario must be a least sixteen years of age, and he or she must have a legal Ontario driver’s license to drive around the province. Any visitors who wish to drive within Ontario must also have a minimum age of sixteen years and must also have a lawful driver’s license from his or her country, state or province. In the situation that a visitor is to stay for more than ninety days in Ontario, the visitor will need to have an international driver’s permit issued by his or her country.

The people that have shifted to Ontario will only be allowed to drive for two months with their valid driving licenses issued in their previous state or country.

Types of Licenses

There are twelve classes of licenses in Ontario. These licenses are different, and each one of them authorizes a particular type of vehicle. The type of vehicle that a person should drive must match with the class of the license issued by the province. For instance, to freely drive a van or car, an individual would need a Class G license. Class G is the first license that is issued to the applicant before progressing to driving other categories of vehicles, and only moto vehicles are exempted in this case. The Class M license is granted to riders of motorcycles, and it’s not a requirement to have a Class G license as a prerequisite in this case.

Application of the License

To begin the application process, you must verify your basic details, including your signature, date of birth and legal name. In the verification process, only the original and legal documents are acceptable.

An application fee is also a necessity in the process. The fee will cover all the costs for the first road test, knowledge test, and a five-year licensing emolument. There will be extra fees charged in the second road test.


This level takes up to twelve months. According to the ministry of transportation, it is essential for the new drivers to take an approved driver-education lessons. In case a person passes an approved course, it will only take eight months to complete the entire level one course. It is always essential to practice and prepare before undertaking the G1 test. The G1 test practice is designed in most cases to help the new drivers familiarize themselves with the kind of questions that might be tested. This will instill a sense of confidence and faith before taking the test.

A person must pass a driving test to proceed to the next level.

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