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Handbag Trends That Are Hot Right Now


Nothing really completes your seasonal look like a good handbag. A handbag can give your outfit a life of its own and tie it all together. A good handbag goes with everything, from office wear to a silk party dress, so there is no reason why every woman should not have one in her hand wherever they go. But, if you are going to use your handbag as a fashion statement, why not go with a trendier option? Designers have been creating new handbag trends and we will look at some notable ones below.

Supersize It

This is a trend that has continued from 2019 but it is still hot. The oversized handbag is a huge fashion statement and is a must-have for ladies who want to stand out. If you decide to go with this trend, the bigger the handbag, the better!

Minify It

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the tiny or mini handbags. They are cute but may not be the most practical option out there. Regardless, they are a good fashion statement and if you need one, you should start your search at ssense.com. This is a high-end fashion retailer with all the fashion items you need to stand put. There, you can find a Saint Laurent Bag that is the right for you or heels for that amazing night out, plus other fashion items and accessories.

Draw it Out

In 2019, we had the bucket bag. This year, this bag has been revamped with drawstrings. Regardless of the material your bag is made out of, you are sure to turn heads when you head into town with this handbag.

Woven Bags

Woven handbags come in many shapes, sizes, and styles but it remains a staple for that summer look. And the best part is that these bags still look sophisticated for how simple they are and can put a fun, cute spin on any outfit.


This one takes us way back to when every outfit had at least one buckle. These handbags make a statement and can be subtle or scream loudly depending on what you want. They are one of the coolest handbags and that is why every woman should have one in their handbag collection.

Geometric Handles

Who thought handbag handles could make handbags look better? Geometric handles are the focus on most handbags they are found on and can be as artistic or as simple as you want them to be. Designers are creating them in triangle, square, rectangle, and other fun shapes for a personalized look and feel.


This is another trend that takes us way back, to the 1960s specifically. It is a fun retro look for any lady who is confident enough to pull it off. The feathers come in many colors, types, and materials so you can find a handbag that goes with the fun outfits you already have.

Handbag trends are fun but sadly they come and go too fast. Explore the handbag trends above so they do not pass before you have had time to flaunt them.

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