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Here’s everything that you should know and explore about Huawei AGC Services


Along with the many other services that Huawei offers to you with its products, such as mobile phones, smartphones, laptops, fitness trackers, smartwatches, and tablets, the AGC is also a popular service that is made and is provided by Huawei in its creations. Huawei AGC services are those services that allow you to bring more innovations to your usage and experience.

Huawei AGC Services is playing a pivotal role in bringing new features, customer experience, satisfaction, and innovations for the users and customers. This read is made on Huawei AGC Services and everything you must know about all the services that fall under this main category. Reading on will help you understand all the things related to these services.

What is Huawei AGC Services?

Huawei AGC Services include a lot of services that are mentioned here. Let’s find out a bit about all these services first.

  • AppLinking:

Through this AGC service, you will be able to link different mobile applications and then share and transfer anything you want from your device to another one. This is the best service of Huawei HMS AGC Services.

  • AppMessaging:

This service is built and included in Huawei AGC services to let the users enjoy in-app messaging.

  • Remote Configuration:

The popular software development technique is included in Huawei AGC services. Here you can change the behavior of any mobile application remotely.

  • Cloud Functions:

Cloud functions are the ones that let you use Google and many other third-party services quite easily.

  • Cloud DB:

This service is available on many devices that are aimed at helping you out in the making, developing, analyzing, and storage of databases. The data of most organizations and companies are stored quite easily in cloud databases.

  • Cloud Storage:

This service is made and included in Huawei devices to help users save their important data, be it pictures, videos, images, documents, and many others. Saving data in Cloud will help you save from data loss and disruptions.

What is Huawei AGC Services used for?

These services are used for a lot of reasons. The main uses and objectives of these services are mentioned below.

  • These services are used to bring groundbreaking innovations for users and customers.
  • These services are used to get the best user experience by allowing the users to use them in their Huawei phones and other usable appliances.
  • These services are used to access the latest versions of assets, such as the latest version of your favorite games, Huawei AppGallery, Chrome, and many other routinely used mobile phone applications.
  • These services make useful services accessible to users and worthy customers.
  • These services are used to make your applications’ content premium and up to the mark when compared with the others.


Different brands use different services to help grow their products, creations, and innovations. The AGC service is a service that is included in different Huawei devices to get the most out of the Huawei devices and to make their functioning better and improved. These Huawei AGC Services are bringing innovations and new ways of optimization.

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