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How Can Physiotherapy Help to Treat Arthritis? A Brief Guide


Physiotherapy, a vital treatment for various conditions, including Arthritis, is best administered by a physiotherapist. These healthcare professionals are instrumental in helping patients maintain and resume an independent and active life at work and home. Their expertise lies in assessing movements and providing joint protection strategies, particularly beneficial for individuals with Arthritis.

An expert physiotherapist provides the following benefits:

  • Address your uncertainties and concerns,
  • Offer reassurance and advice,
  • Make you feel confident regarding managing your physical condition,
  • Set up goals appropriately to help you stay active.

Physiotherapists undergo thorough training in treating joints and diagnosing muscle problems. They are highly skilled professionals who can be referred to by your general physician, often as an alternative to an orthopedic surgeon or rheumatologist, for treating Arthritis.

How can a physiotherapist help you with Arthritis?

Appreciate you to stay active as much as possible when suffering from the critical problem of authorities. Exercise can alleviate pain and joint damage. However, the joints in our body are designed to stay active, and a lack of activity can weaken the muscles.

Your physiotherapist will discuss your recent activity level and the specific problems you face due to Arthritis. They will then conduct a thorough examination of your joints to assess muscle strength and range of movement. This personalized approach enables them to design a program of exercises, treatments, and activities tailored to your needs to manage your Arthritis effectively.

The program can include the following: 

  • Aquatic therapy, or hydrotherapy, is a type of physiotherapy involving exercises in warm-water pools. This therapy is particularly beneficial for individuals with Arthritis, as the buoyancy of the water reduces the stress on the joints, allowing for more manageable and less painful movement,
  • Providing splits and walking aids to maintain independence and mobility,
  • Advises various treatments and techniques for arthritis pain, including acupuncture, massage, and ice and heat packs,
  • General advice for setting goals, increasing your activity level, balancing activity, and resting perfectly,
  • A specific Brampton physiotherapy program for Arthritis may include a variety of exercises to improve strength, fitness, mobility, and flexibility. These exercises can be tailored to your particular needs and can often be continued at home for quick recovery from Arthritis,
  • They can help you select and avoid exercises that further increase your injuries. They can also provide you with the training and equipment to start new activities to cure health issues.

Pain relief treatments

Medications help cure Arthritis, but top-rated Brampton physiotherapy providers can guide you regarding other pain relief methods that can work with your medications to bring quick relief. You can even continue with the below treatment yourself until you get an appointment:

  • Heat pack help in relaxing tired and tense muscles,
  • Ice packs help relieve swollen and hot joints,
  • Splints support painful and swollen joints,
  • Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation works well by altering the pain messages in the brain. A small electronic device sends pulses to the nerve endings via pads during skin treatment. This causes a tingling sensation, which is soothing and comfortable for patients.

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