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How far can Canada go at the 2026 FIFA World Cup?


In 2026, Canada will be hosting the FIFA World Cup for the first time in their history. They’ll be doing so alongside neighboring countries Mexico and the United States, and football fans in Canada are super excited! Honestly, you, too, should be excited because the World Cup coming to Canada means that the best deals and offers will also be coming to bet365 Canada. News doesn’t come better than this for football fans living in Canada.

But let’s put all the fanfare aside and focus on the big questions; is the Canada national team ready for the tournament? How far can Canada go at the 2026 FIFA World Cup?

You see, when you host a competition, there’s some pressure on you to put up a good show for your home fans. This means that Canada will have to do better than they did at the 2022 World Cup where they lost all their games and failed to make it out of the group.

But there’s a positive here. The fact that they’re one of the hosts for the 2026 tournament means that Canada men’s team qualify for back-to-back World Cup tournaments for the first time in their entire history. So, one could argue that the 2022 outing was nothing more than a warm up for 2026 when it comes home.

Now, although Canada lost all their games in Qatar, they were able to find the net for the first time in World Cup history, which was obviously a very huge improvement for them. Goals against eventual third and fourth-placed teams Croatia and Morocco were most definitely a big deal for a national team with no World Cup pedigree, so it wasn’t all ugly.

And since the 2022 World Cup, the Canada national team has shown great preparedness for 2026. They won their first 3 games after the big showdown in November 2022, and in normal time, they have lost just 3 of their 11 games since Qatar. That’s a pretty impressive run.

And with players like UEFA Champions League winner Alphonso Davies and current Ligue 1 second highest goalscorer Jonathan David, Canada can realistically pose a threat to opponents come 2026.

So, how far can they go? Honestly, this team is capable of making it to the knockout rounds of the World Cup for the first time in their history.

Don’t forget, the World Cup is expanding. From 2026, there’ll now be 48 teams competing in the group stages as opposed to 32 we have seen in the last 7 World Cup tournaments. This means that all top two teams and 8 third placed teams will be making it to the knockout stages. So, the boys don’t even have to be perfect to make it to the knockout rounds, just one win in the group stages could get them there.

If there was ever a perfect time for Canada to make history at the World Cup, it is in 2026! A couple world class players, recent World Cup experience, and your own home fans cheering you on all the way? Yes, the knockout rounds are very much achievable!

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