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How Lotto Max became Canada’s top lottery


Lotto Max – Everyone dreams of winning a lottery at least once in their lifetime! Lotteries have become one of the most constant and played games around the world. This is mostly because of the possibility of the player winning a life-changing amount of money and also because of the popularity and easy rules that it is played by.

In Canada, the dream of winning a lottery can come true, thanks to the several different lottery games that are drawn in place almost every day. Out of an array of lucrative lotteries, Lotto Max is the best known! It is a Canadian lottery game that is coordinated by the interprovincial lottery corporation. Lotto Max is considered to be one of the three national lottery games in the country and was first introduced in 2009. The launch of the Lotto Max lottery was an extremely successful one and attracted a very high revenue in its first 10 months of business. Lotto Max game’s immense popularity due to the size of its total price pools.

What makes Canadians choose Lotto Max?

Canadian players also like their lotto adventures and some of them have won huge jackpots which changed their lives forever.

The Lotto Max uses random number generations for draws and is extremely fair in its process of choosing the winner. Other than that, Lotto Max recognizes multiple winners, and the prices are shared among them equally.

The Lotto Max allows the participants to pick their numbers in a very simple manner by purchasing tickets that had pre-printed numbers on them. 7 numbers are chosen from a range of 1 to 49. The participants must match all seven numbers and win the main jackpot. If you do not win the main jackpot, there are other primary jackpots in the Lotto Max as well, which includes the “MaxMillions” prizes of $1M each, and it is rolled over until it is won!

The chances of winning are better with every play

If you’re going to play the lottery, then you might as well buy as many tickets as possible to increase your chances of winning. For example, if you bought 10 Lotto Max tickets with a $3 ticket price each time and one of them was the jackpot winner, then you would have spent $300 on 10 tickets rather than just one ticket for $30. So when it comes down to it, why not buy more tickets? You don’t need to spend all your money on just one ticket; if you buy multiple tickets at once then your chances of winning go up dramatically!

The odds of winning the Lotto Max jackpot are 1 in 33,294,800 *Per $5 play (approximate). The Lotto Max prize pool is also guaranteed to be at least $1 million per draw, which means that there will always be a winner and at least two prizes of $1 million or more.

Free from taxes

Another extremely interesting fact about playing the Lotto Max is that it is Tax-free! Unlike the Neighbours in our South, the Canadian lottery does not apply any taxes, this means that you will get the total price you have won! Even if you are not a resident of Canada. this rule does apply to you if you win the Lotto Max. The winnings have to be physically accepted from Canada.

Easy process

An extremely important factor that makes Lotto Max Canada’s top lottery is that the process of fetching tickets is very straightforward. Now you can buy Lotto Max tickets online if you are unable to go and bring them yourself. It is extremely convenient for everyone to participate and get the tickets during their busy schedules. All you need to do is register and provide a document that proves that you are over 18. After that, you can deposit the money to buy the tickets into the online lottery portal account. If you hold in funds you can buy lottery tickets when you wish to do so and afterward you will receive them in an e-form via your email.


All in all, the citizens of Canada believe that the Lotto Max is convenient and is also safer than the other lotteries to play online as there is no way that you have to lose your potentially lucky tickets accidentally. Even if you miss the time of the draw due to any other potential reasons, there is not much to worry about. The organizers will certainly contact you via your email if you have the ticket that is the winning ticket of the lottery. Purchasing tickets online also has its added convenience as you can get them without leaving your home. This is of great use during the cold winter months in Canada. Other than that when buying tickets online, you often are awarded online discounts for the tickets, which is also a great way of saving money that is required to buy the tickets.

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