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How much does self storage costs for Business?


Finding a self-storage lockers in Toronto can be challenging. With so many choices, it can be difficult to work out the options that are suitable for your situation. On top of that, you also need to assess the price of each self-storage unit and determine which units are within your budget.

In this post, we’re going to look at the cost of self-storage units in Toronto and what affects the prices of these units. Keep reading for more details!

In 2023, how much will a storage unit cost?

For a self-storage unit in Toronto in 2023, you’re looking at paying anywhere from $40/month to $900/month. The price for a self-storage unit comes down to several factors.

This includes the size of the unit, the location of the storage facility, the demand at the storage facility, and the quality of the services. Make sure that you know what you are looking for in a storage unit before deciding on a budget.

What is the price of a storage unit?

For self-storage units in Toronto, the average price per month is around $255/month, but prices will vary depending on several factors, as listed above.

Generally, prices start around $40/month, but this can vary. It is best to shop around for the best price to make sure you’re getting the right price for what you need.

You will find that many storage facilities do not display their prices online but ask you to send a request. Requests help storage facilities figure out what you need along with the options they can offer to you. They may also charge more depending on what you’re going to be storing.

When inquiring about how much is a portable storage unit, you might find that many providers do not readily disclose their prices online. Instead, they encourage potential customers to send a request for personalized information.

Why are self-storage costs rising?

In recent months, the demand for self-storage units in Toronto has increased. This is in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw a huge increase in demand for storage. It could also be down to the relative lack of storage facilities across Canada. Indeed, there are only around 3000 facilities across the entire country.

The increase in demand has led to a stronger market for storage units across Toronto. Yet, with increased demand tends to come an increase in cost. If more people need storage space, then facilities can charge more as what they’ve got is more in demand.

The increase in self-storage costs is caused by a boom in the industry that has allowed prices for rentals to skyrocket and competition for space to become fierce.

Storage costs by unit size

One factor that has a considerable impact on the price of your storage unit is the size. If you’re looking into getting a self-storage unit in Toronto, we recommend contacting your chosen facility and discussing your sizing needs with them.

Storage facility staff will also be able to advise you on things like whether you need a climate-controlled unit or if you need parking access for removal vehicles.

Storage units start small, with units around 25 sq ft. These units are good for general household items, like clothes, toys, chairs, and small furniture. A mid-size unit is around 100 sq ft. This can usually hold apartment furnishings, appliances, and other household items, or office furniture and files for businesses.

Large units can be upwards of 250 sq ft which is a great size for commercial storage. They can hold office furniture, inventory files, and other items for businesses. They can also hold patio furniture, appliances, and general house furnishings for personal use.

Factors affecting self-storage cost

In addition to the recent boom in demand for storage, other factors will have an impact on how much your storage unit will cost you per month in Toronto. You can read more about each of the factors in detail below.


Climate-controlled storage units are usually more expensive than units that are not climate-controlled. A climate-controlled unit is an excellent choice if you’re planning on storing precious items or items that are sensitive to extreme temperatures.


Although storage units operate year-round, they will adjust their prices depending on the bigger the price. To be as cost-effective as possible, we recommend getting in touch with potential storage facilities to discuss the things you need to put into storage and the unit size they recommend. If you’re going to be using a storage unit long-term, consider whether you need to get a bigger unit, just in case you want to add more items in your unit.

Discounts On Special Storage

As with seasonality, you’ll find that at certain times during the year, storage facilities will offer special promotions on special self-storage units in Toronto. These can vary from a special discount for a month to a reduced rental rate for a fixed period.

When looking for a new self-storage unit in Toronto, we recommend looking out for special discounts on storage facilities to make sure that you get the best price possible. Remember to read the fine print on your contract; you don’t want to end up paying more without realizing it when the discount ends!

Price of storage unit insurance coverage

Insurance coverage for your self-storage unit in Toronto is a good idea. It can protect your stored items and cover your unit if anything happens to it so we recommend you take it out.

While it’s great for covering your back, storage unit insurance coverage will increase the monthly price of your self-storage unit. The amount you pay will vary depending on factors such as:

  • The size of the storage facility or unit
  • The materials the unit is made out of
  • Whether the facility has its own security features, like onsite staff, 24-hour CCTV, etc.
  • The revenue generated by the facility
  • Historic claims
  • The percentage of units that are being rented
  • The location of the facility

Unfortunately, storage facilities tend to take little responsibility for anything that happens to your stored items, therefore, it makes sense to get insurance coverage in case of emergency.

Type and location of storage facilities

The type of storage facility you opt for will determine the price as well. Most storage units in Toronto are either indoor or outdoor storage facilities, and the differences lie in whether you can bring your car up to your unit or not.

Additionally, the location of your storage facility will affect the price of your storage unit as well as the price of your unit insurance. These are both factors to consider when looking at cheap storage units.

Generally, people choose units close to their homes, but this can directly affect the price. For instance, a facility in the centre of a city will have a much higher price per unit than a facility in the outskirts of a city.

Additional facility fees

Some facilities offer add-ons as part of their unit price. Add-ons could include additional security features, 24-hour access to your unit, or post-handling services. Consider whether or not these extras are worth the additional fees.

Traditional storage Vs. full service storage

Full-service storage units have additional features that make them even better than traditional facilities.Full-service storage may include renting a moving van, having access 24 hours a day, being able to drive right up to your unit, getting free insurance, and having climate-controlled units.

As with all aspects of storage units, it is up to you and what you need to store as to whether you choose to go traditional or full-service. Make sure to explore all of your options before picking your unit.

Location-bsed self-storage cost average

With the average monthly cost of a self-storage unit in Toronto costing around $255/month, you’re probably wondering how you can cut down on the cost a little bit. One of the easiest ways to do so is to take location out of the equation.

This means looking for storage units that are slightly further afield. They may take longer to reach, but units on the outskirts of the city are likely to be slightly cheaper as they don’t have premium rental rates.

Final thoughts

A self-storage unit in Toronto can cost you from $40/month to $900/month depending on what you are looking for in a storage unit. For this reason, exploring different options and considering the above factors are easy ways to ensure that you find the most cost-effective storage solution for your needs.

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