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How to Balance Study and Travel: Top Tips


Being a student does not mean that your life is all about studying now. You have plenty of opportunities ahead of you – just look around. It is possible to experience both interesting and fun student life and exciting trips abroad or around your country. Traveling broadens your mind, allows you to see various galleries, museums, landmarks, and landscapes. The person who travels is changing and growing all the time. It makes you more emotionally intelligent and open-minded.

However, sometimes, academic problems might prevent one from traveling to fascinating counties and cities. If you need to catch up on studying what you missed, then it is unlikely that you will be able to combine everything properly.

What you need is to find a balance between both sides of your life. Here there are some tips on how to do it. In case you find it too hard sometimes, remember that there are professional writing services like Pro-Papers that will help you meet all the deadlines.

1.Study abroad or apply for an exchange program

This way to travel and study is obvious, but it works. Surely, if you decide to study in a foreign country, you most probably will not have a lot of time for traveling and entertainment since you will be busy getting accustomed to the environment and studying. However, if you are good at time management, you can still explore your host country or travel somewhere nearby on your weekends or holidays. The other option is to try some exchange program at your local university and travel to another country for a term or two. That will not hinder your studying. Moreover, you will be able to learn about another culture firsthand. Such an experience might be unforgettable and let you acquire a better understanding of the world and trends. It is definitely worth trying. 


Another option could be for you to go abroad as a volunteer for 2-3 months. You can search for non-profit/governmental organizations that work with the youth. It might sound not that appealing since you will need to work or help without being paid for it, but you will not have to pay for a place to live in, you will have meals provided, and maybe even some pocket money. Conversely, you should take into account that such an experience can be valuable a lot in terms of CV and better job prospects. Moreover, you will expand your network.

3.Study part-time or online

If you do not want to depend a lot on your university schedule, then you can try to study part-time or apply for an online course. You will have all the freedom to travel almost whenever you want. The problem might appear while managing all the assignments and trips at the same time.

However, you may be able to do the tasks in free from traveling time.

4.Travel on the weekend and summer holidays

If you are lucky to study abroad, then you will have a great opportunity to explore the country you are living in. Even if you do not have enough time as you are all consumed by studying, consider traveling on the weekend. Most probably, you will not have classes, so if you cope with the assignments in advance, you will be free to go around the country. In addition, you should not waste time on your holidays, especially on long summer ones. Spend this time to plan some far trip abroad or to some city in the country.

5.Get into the habit

In order to be able to use all the above-mentioned ways to travel and study, you need to control your time and build a schedule to live by. Learn to prioritize your tasks and try not to get distracted by social networks or TV series. Once you get into a routine, you will get lots of free time to rest and travel. Remember that procrastination is your enemy. Complete your tasks in a timely manner and you will be able to embark on any journey that comes on your way.

6.Prepare for your trips carefully

Continuing the previous tip about forming a habit of making plans and following them, you should also apply it to your trip planning. Think them through beforehand and you will be able to balance your education and traveling easily.

7.Attend lectures

It may help to learn more easily and faster if you listen to the lectures instead of studying on your own. You may spend the time you save in such a way on looking for the cheapest tickets for your next trip.

No matter how hard it can seem to manage your personal and academic life, it is real. Do not let possible difficulties or the very idea of troubles you might experience prevent you from having fun and enjoying yourself.

Photo by William Fortunato from Pexels

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