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How to Transfer Money to Ukraine from Canada with Meest


If you are reading this article, you want to know how money transfers work and how to transfer money to Ukraine from Canada. You live and work in the USA or Canada and want to support your friends in Ukraine. How to do it better? This article addresses all the possible ways of money transfers.

How Can You Transfer Money in the Modern World?

In sending money between countries, the one who sends the money, the receiving party, and the intermediary company that takes over the transfer process are always involved. So, how can people in Canada send money to Ukraine in the most reliable way?

  • More and more people send money directly through a bank or a payment system.
  • Some people use e-wallets, but only if they are open for you and the person you send money to.
  • You can also choose a non-cash transfer — in this case, the money will be sent from account to account.
  • The company you chose to send money from Canada to Ukraine and vice versa may have several transfer options — for example, cash through a branch or from card to card on the site.

When choosing an option, consider the following:

  • How it is most convenient for the addressee to receive money.
  • How urgently the recipient needs the money — the speed of receipt of funds depends on the transfer method.
  • What is the commission for the operation — often, the faster you need to deliver the money to the recipient, the higher the rate.

How to Transfer Money to Ukraine from Canada with the Meest Money Transfer Service?

Meest allows you to send money from Canada to Ukraine through a PrivatBank or Aval (through an application or to a bank branch) without opening an account. Also, you can use the courier delivery service to your home. Because the company cooperates with banks worldwide, it forms an extensive network of points where you can send and receive a money transfer.

The service is the best way to send money to Ukraine for anyone who wants to transfer money and help friends or relatives.

How to make a transfer: to transfer cash, the sender must fill out an application, deposit money at the cash desk, receive a secret code and share it with the recipient. To send a transfer over $1 500, you need to have an identity document with you.

The commission depends on the transfer amount and the country. On average, the additional delivery cost is $6-15 for amounts up to $1 500 and 2% of the transfer amount over $1 500.

Speed of money transfer: the transfer can be received at the bank branch the next day. Sending money with a courier, you should wait for a week.

Trust your money only to the most reliable companies! Meest has already won customers’ trust with reliability, speed of operations, and worldwide support.

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